Simple, Fast Removal of Hair Dye From Skin...Hand Sanitizer Magic!

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Hair Dye Color...Wonderful on Your Hair...A Goopy Mess when it lands on the Skin. The Staining of Skin at the Hairline is a persistent problem with Hair Dye. Soap and Water, alone, does not easily remove the dye stain. Shampoo works to remove dye stain on skin, but it is usually advised to not wash the hair for at least one day after fresh color is dye on the skin stays until shampooing is done.

The Best Trick for Removing Hair Dye Color on the Skin without Soap, Shampoo and Water...Hand Sanitizer!!!

Ready??? Let's Go!!

New Hair Dye Color. Wonderful!!

Love the Magic of Curls and Highlights and New Color...

BUT...Hate the Random Dye Blotches Left on My Skin at the Hairline...Ugh...

At the Hairline...Dye Stains.

Let's Remove the Hair Dye Color on the Skin...Fast!

First. Simple Hand Sanitizer. Spray a Few Squirts to saturate a Paper Towel...

Hand Sanitizer Pump...Amazon LINK.

Carefully Rub the Hand Sanitizer on the Dye Spots...Press Firmly, using Circular Motions.

The Hand Sanitizer instantly and gently removes the Dye Color from the Skin.

Now the Dye is on the Paper Towel...And not on the Skin.

The BEFORE - Dye Stains on the Skin at the Hairline...

THE AFTER. Removing Dye Color on the Skin by applying Hand Sanitizer...Dye Color Removed. No Soap, Shampoo, and Water needed.

Simple, Easy and Fast!

For All the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

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  • Hand Sanitizer Pump   (Amazon)

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