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Hi everyone. Today, I’m going to show you how to create a smokey cat eye makeup look.

I used this look on an Instagram post recently and got so many comments asking me to share how to recreate this look. This gray, smokey, cat eye makeup is a really fun, bold and sexy look.

Tools and materials:

  • Brow definer
  • Waterproof concealer
  • Foundation
  • Face contour stick
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick
  • Setting mist
  • Blending brush
  • Fan brush
  • Makeup sponge
Defining brows

1. Color and define your eyebrows and upper lids

Start with brow definer and color in your eyebrows.

Once you’ve shaped and colored your eyebrows just right, brush them to make sure they’re not clumping at all.

Applying concealer

Take a waterproof concealer. Paint it on carefully around your eyebrows and over your eyelids.

Then go over it with translucent powder.

Applying eyeshadow

Find an eyeshadow that is a couple of shades darker than your skin and concealer.

Brush it along the deepest part of your top eyelids and blend upward toward the eyebrows.

Applying liquid liner

2. Use liquid liner to create the cat eye shape

Use black liquid eyeliner and create a line from the outer corner of your eyelid about ¼ inch in length, angled up toward the corner of your eyebrow. 

Applying liquid liner

From the end point of that line, draw a line in toward the center of the opposite corner of your eyelid. 

Applying liquid liner

Going back to the point where the lines meet, create another line going all the way to the inner corner of the eyelid.

Then you are going to color all of that in. Repeat this process on the other eye.

Applying liquid liner

3. Apply liner to lower lids

Use the eyeliner to trace the bottom of the lower lid, starting thin from the inside of the eye, and getting thicker towards the outer corner.

Connect the lower lash line to the upper lash line and perfect the lines of the eyeliner so they are smooth and straight. Repeat this process on the other eye.


4. Blend and color the upper eyelids

Use a dark gray eyeshadow and a small brush and brush along the upper lid, blending the eyeliner.

Then use a blending brush to blend the colors at the top of the lid as well. 

Mint color

Use a sparkly light mint color to highlight the center of the lid and repeat this entire process on the other eye.

Cleaning up eye makeup look

5. Clean, moisturize and conceal

Go back in with a clean makeup sponge and wipe up from under the eyelid, along the line of the eyeliner to make a nice clean line.

Do this to both eyes.

Moisturizing face

Moisturize the rest of your face.

Primer stick

Use a primer stick to prime your face.

Applying foundation

Rub some face foundation on your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks and blend it with a brush. Then use a sponge to blend it in more.


Use a waterproof concealer under your eyes and on your upper cheeks.

Add some to the pointed part of your chin and the center of your forehead, just above your nose, between your eyebrows.

Use a sponge to blend it in.


6. Contour and blend

Take a contour stick and color along the hollow of your cheek, just beneath the cheek bone. 


Use it along the outer edges of your face and the sides of your nose.

Blend it in with a brush and sponge, blending outward.

Applying translucent powder

Brush some translucent powder under your eyes along the upper cheek and sides of the nose.

Applying translucent powder

Use color compact along the hollows of the cheeks.

Applying eyeliner

Go back over the eyeliner and then use some smudge liner on and around the black eyeliner to blend.

Then go back in with your mint-colored eyeshadow and brush it lightly along the lower lash line.

Touching up eye makeup

7. Touch up and blend as needed

Applying mascara

8. Apply mascara

Applying false eyelashes

In addition to the mascara, you can also apply false lashes for extra volume.

Blush and highlight

9. Apply blush and highlights

Go back in with a big brush and a contour shade and brush along the outer edge of your face, under your cheekbones and at the top of your forehead.

Take some pink blush and apply it to your cheekbones, blending it well. 

Applying highlighter

Then apply a lighter skin tone color to a fan brush and highlight the cheekbones as well as the top of the eyelids, just underneath the eyebrows.

Apply to the length of the nose, between the nose and mouth, and on the chin.

Spraying setting mist

10. Spray some setting mist


11. Finishing touches

Applying lip highlighter

Apply lipstick and lip highlighter and you’re done.

Smokey cat eye makeup

Smokey cat eye makeup

Smokey cat eye makeup

This is a really classy makeup look. It’s great for parties or dates. I hope this tutorial helped and inspired you to take some risks with your makeup.

Were you able to recreate the look to your satisfaction? Leave me a comment and let me know how yours came out. 

Products used:

  • All Sugar Cosmetics
Suggested materials:
  • Brow definer
  • Waterproof concealer
  • Foundation
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