Spring Green Hill House Dress

Some things never change, like my love for green in spring! Whether it’s a true sage green, or something a little darker, I want to wear it all in spring. In years past I’ve struggled to add green to my wardrobe. Not that I couldn’t find a nice green (it’s my favorite color, I love it all) just that I didn’t love a lot of the silhouettes that were available. This all started to change about a year ago. More tops and dresses in green were available for spring and I loved them all. Very dangerous for a fashion lover like me. And the fabulous green pieces haven’t stopped since last spring either. Green has found its way into summer, fall, and winter! Which is when I honed in on a particular green fabric that I loved. When Hill House released their fall collection, I was head over heels for everything, not just the green jacquard. I limited myself at first and bought a blue floral dress. It felt more appropriate for fall to me (hence the fall collection). But as winter came to a close, I started to revisit the fall collection. And that’s when it went downhill and I bought multiple items in green jacquard.

Green Jacquard Nap Dress

Everything I’ve tried and owned from Hill House I’ve loved. But the Ellie Nap Dress (the original, if you will) really has a hold on my heart. It’s so comfortable and so flattering I just can’t look away from it. And when they put out new prints in the Ellie style, well, Hill House basically puts a nail in my coffin. It’s so hard to resist a good print in a classic dress like the Ellie. But I was good and held off from purchasing everything during the initial Fall drop. I patiently waited for holiday sales before pouncing on one item, one after the other. Including, the Ellie in green jacquard. Turns out, waiting until winter to buy it was the perfect time. Not only is it the absolute perfect shade of green for spring, but I also wore it leading up to St. Patrick’s Day!

Outfit Details: Ellie Nap Dress // Sarah Flint Natalies (Use code SARAHFLINT-BADANIELLEG for $50 off 1st pair) // Headband

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