5 Ways to Wear My Favorite Amazon Set

Grace Ginex
by Grace Ginex
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If you have bought a simple mono-color pants and top set from Amazon, you might be wondering about the best ways to dress it up.

In this tutorial I will share my favorite 5 ways to wear my amazon pant and top sets, pairing them with accessories from my closet.

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Spring suit

1. Spring suit

If you’ve got a bright spring-colored pant set, choose a bright summery patterned clutch purse to pair with it. 

You can choose a purse with matching or coordinating colors.

A look for cooler evenings

2. For cooler evenings

Slip a simple white cardigan and matching purse on, to coordinate with your pants set.

Now you’ve got a more sophisticated look that’s perfect for cooler evenings.

A look for cooler evenings

If you get too warm indoors, just drape your cardigan over your shoulders.

Beach-ready look

3. Beach-ready

Get your beach look on by coordinating your pant set with a big straw hat and a matching large straw bag. 

Don’t forget some dramatic sunglasses!

Casual day look

4. Casual day look

A short denim jacket and small purse transform your pant set into an outfit you can wear for running errands, or a casual lunch date.

Easy traveling look

5. Easy traveling

These simple pant sets are the perfect, comfortable choice for traveling. 

Tuck a sweater into your carry-on in case you get chilly!

5 ways to wear my favorite Amazon set

5 ways to wear my favorite Amazon set

Now, all you have to do is pick your pant sets and you’re ready for any occasion! 

If you have other ideas for accessorizing your pant set, let me know by leaving a comment.

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