Five Spring Wardrobe Essential Pieces

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Are you trying to transition from loungewear and wondering how to create a new Spring wardrobe while looking fresh and new? Guess aren't the only one. Let's face it, we love our loungewear! But as things open back up gradually, it's time to create some new affordable looks.

Affordability is key to creating stylish looks as well as using pieces that can transition from cool, breezy Spring days to those warm weather days in late Spring. The following three looks can be created with five essential pieces: an oversized black cotton sweater, a great slip dress, white jeans, white shorts, and a great pair of sandals.

Why these five pieces? I find that these five pieces can easily be added to pieces already in my closet and some pieces may already be in my closet, hence the affordability factor. Plus, I think these pieces are timeless and suitable for all ages and/or sizes.

Oversized Cotton Sweater & White Jeans...

For this look, I purchased a new V-neck black cotton sweater from H&M. Rather than wear it with the V-neck in the front, I chose to flip it around and wear it the other way. Why? Everyone has seen the V-neck sweater look with a pair of jeans, but how many times have you seen a sweater worn differently? Maybe occasionally! I'm always looking for ways to mix things up to look current and not so predictable. This outfit allows me to do that.

Cats out of the bag now!

Here's the same look with a view from the back. Just enough coverage while delicately showing a little skin for a twist.

White jeans

Black sandal slides

Same Oversized V-Neck Sweater...

That's right, I just flipped the sweater around to offer a casual look for those warm Spring days that almost feel like summer. Jazz it up with some pretty jewelry in your closet and you're ready to go! Again, comfortable yet stylish.

Black strap sandals

Oversized V-Neck Sweater & Slip Dress...

Not quite ready to wear jeans or shorts from your closet...still transitioning from loungewear? A basic slip dress is perfect for transitioning! It's easy to throw on and go, silky and lightweight, perfect for all ages and/or sizes, and looks stylish while feeling like you're still in your pajamas.

Tossing the same oversized sweater over it allows you to ease through the cool Spring days or take it off and tie it on your shoulders as the temperatures warm up. Nothing beats this kind of styling!

Suggested materials:
  • Oversized Black V-Neck Sweater   (H&M)
  • White Jeans   (H&M)
  • Black Sandal Slides   (Target)
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