Five Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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Hey there! I’m Jess (aka The Glam Pixie), if you like anything to do with fashion, beauty, thrifting, decor then give my Youtube channel a follow - I’ve got lots of great content for you. Here I’m going to be showing you my five classic winter wardrobe staples. These are things that I cannot live without. These items are practical - they keep me nice and toasty, but they’re stylish as well.

Classy winter wardrobe

Number 1: Coat

Number one on my list is a good coat; for me, that is a rainproof trench coat. I love a good trench coat. It's so chic, so classic, and has that sort of effortless beauty that the Parisians just master. Women like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Brigitte Bardot all rocked the trench coat. And let's be honest, they can do no wrong. What I love about this specific one is that it is actually a raincoat. It's got that beautiful camel color, but it's a raincoat! It's completely waterproof, so it's perfect for when it's raining or snowing. And with its detachable hood, I can throw it over my hairstyle without sacrificing my curls. Plus, this beautiful gold detail on the zip and buttons makes it look very classy. I can wear this coat with a beautiful dress and heels, or jeans and tennis shoes. In my opinion, this coat is the most versatile style you can get, and it has become a massive workhorse in my wardrobe. This specific one is Calvin Klein.

Winter wardrobe

Number 2: Turtleneck

Number 2 on my list is a neutral-colored turtleneck. For me, I love ivory, cream, and white. When it's cold and dreary and grey outside, the last thing that I want is a black turtleneck. Don't get me wrong, I do like black turtlenecks, but I like to save them for sunnier days. The lightness and brightness of winter white just can't be beaten. It's so stunning in the cold months. This turtleneck that I'm wearing from Walmart is so cozy, with such a luxurious feel. I do have sensitive skin, and it does not bother me at all. I also love that it is a cowl neck which means that it's not feeling tight or constricted around my neck; I'm never uncomfortable wearing it. It just has a very relaxed feel to it that I think is what we're all secretly going for. We want to look like we're super glam, but that we didn't try at all.

Basic winter wardrobe essentials

Number 3: Hat

Next up is a good winter hat. So much of our heat escapes from our heads in the cold. But I don't always want to throw on a beanie. Now don't get me wrong, there are days when I'm going to be wearing a puffer coat, a beanie, and snow boots. But when I want to feel very classy and beautiful and elegant, I opt for this one (from Nine West). It is super comfortable, very cool girl. I actually pair this hat a lot of times with a leather jacket as well. It looks so cool.

Winter wardrobe clothing

Number 4: Scarf

Number 4 on my list is a plaid, tweed, or herringbone scarf. I recommend getting these in neutral colors: black and white, tan and white, tan and black. Something similar to that because then it will go with every single thing in your wardrobe. But if you know that you wear red almost every day, then why not get black and red. The point is to get something that fits your wardrobe. So something that you know is going to go well with each winter outfit that you have. You can throw it on the top and not worry about clashing. I love these two, one of them is white, gray and a tiny bit of pink in it that goes great with my wardrobe because I wear a lot of pink. I also love this black and white herringbone pattern that looks great with pretty much anything.

Basic winter wardrobe

Winter clothing style

Number 5: Boots

The last item on my list is a good pair of knee-high or over-the-knee riding style boots. Riding boots are a classic. While they do tend to "trend," they're not going to go out of style (knock on wood). If you are very petite, you might like to try on the over-the-knee style in-store to make sure it works for you. I have very short legs, so I can't go too high with my over-the-knee boots. But I find that if I get them directly on top of the knee cap, they still manage to look very flattering.

Those are my five winter wardrobe essential items. When it starts to turn cold, I know that I’ve got what I need to be warm and cozy but looking great at the same time. What are your winter essentials that you just can’t be without?

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