Styling Tutorial: 8 Winter Outfits for When You Have Nothing to Wear

Marina Popovic
by Marina Popovic
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In winter, when it’s dark, cold, and grim outside, it can be challenging to put a stylish outfit together. Here, I’m going to show you some easy outfits for when you have nothing to wear in wintertime. Let's get started!

Black monochrome outfit

1. Black monochrome

My first tip for you is to go for everything black head-to-toe. It’s such a no-brainer and we all have black pieces in our wardrobe to choose from.

I like to style these black chunky boots with black skinny jeans and a simple black sweater. To break the monotony of all-black, I like to add a coat in a different tone.

This coat is a light brown but any style coat in any color would work. This way you get the best of both worlds - an easy monochrome look and a simple touch of color.

Sweater dress outfit

2. Sweater dress

I adore wearing sweater dresses in the winter as they are so easy to wear and super comfortable as well.

Here, I’ve gone for a cream mini dress that is tight-fitting on the body and has wonderful droopy balloon sleeves.

The brown boots complement the dress as they are in the same neutral, natural tone color-family.

Sweater dress outfit

To head outside, I would pop on a cream coat on top in a similar, but not identical, shade to the dress.

Here, I’ve also switched out the mini sweater dress for one in a midi length. A midi dress provides more coverage which will keep your legs nice and toasty in colder weather.

Skirt and sweater outfit

3. Skirt and sweater

My next outfit combination for the winter is a tight-fitting skirt contrasted with a loose and baggy sweater.

Here, I’ve gone for another monochrome look with a beige mini skirt and a beige chunky knit sweater. Tucking the sweater in at the front adds some definition to my waistline. 

Skirt and sweater outfit

Over the top, I decided to pop on this black coat. Some people are under the impression that black and brown don’t go but this outfit proves them wrong!

Leather pants and heels outfit

4. Leather pants and heels

If you have a more formal occasion where you need to be a bit more dressed up, I recommend going for black leather pants or black leather leggings. The material really elevates an outfit and makes it look that bit more chic.

Leather pants and heels

To break up the black, I added a cream coat. I also popped on some heels in a nude tone that look like an extension of my feet and help to elongate my figure.

5. Leather pants and sneakers

If you want to wear leather pants in a more casual way, you can do so by pairing them with sneakers.

I went for a white shirt underneath a v-neck sweater which is a great tip for making a shirt look less formal. On top of it all, I’m wearing a snuggly black coat that will protect me from the elements.

Equestrian style no.1

6. Equestrian style no.1

Here, I’m wearing cream pants tucked into tall brown boots that give off that equestrian aesthetic.

I popped on a knit sweater and a nude-colored coat. A belted waist helps to break up the top from the bottoms so that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a cream-colored one-piece.

Equestrian style no.2

7. Equestrian style no.2

Here is another example of how you can create that equestrian vibe. I’m wearing black skinny jeans tucked into long brown boots with a black knitted sweater on top.

On top, I decided to go for a checked blazer which adds a nice touch of pattern to the look.

Cream and black tones outfit

8. Cream and black tones

My last tip is to combine creamy and black tones, they look so flattering when worn together.

I’m wearing a cream mini-skirt, knee-high boots, a black knit sweater, and a long cream coat. Cream and black create a high-contrast look that is a bit less harsh than white and black and, in my opinion, a more flattering color pairing. 

Winter outfits for when you have nothing to wear

There we have my winter outfit formulas for when you have nothing to wear.

In the winter, I don’t want to inject so much color into my wardrobe, I prefer to stick to neutral tones that are easy to mix and match together and allow me to create lots of different outfit combinations.

Which is your favorite look? Comment down below!

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