8 Easy Outfit Combinations for When You Have Nothing to Wear

Heather Anderson
by Heather Anderson
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Here, I’m going to talk you through what to wear when you have nothing to wear.

If you’re looking for inspiration on outfit combinations that you can make when you feel that you have nothing to wear, this is for you.

I'm going to be sharing eight outfit formulas that literally work every single time.

White shirt, light wash jeans and a statement jacket

Outfit formula 1: White shirt, light wash jeans and a statement jacket 

For the white shirt, you can wear a bodysuit, a corset top, a simple white tee, or a white button-down - really whatever you want.

Then add your favorite pair of light-wash jeans and finish it off with a statement jacket - I went with a gorgeous pink croc-embossed vegan leather moto jacket.

This is the perfect outfit formula, especially for the spring and summer.

All-white ensemble topped with a statement jacket

Outfit formula 2: All-white ensemble topped with a statement jacket 

An all-white look is one of my favorite things to wear as opposed to all-black because it's a bit more unexpected, and I love wearing all white all year round, no matter the season.

Here, I’m wearing a vegan leather jumpsuit that hugs my curves and is very tastefully sexy.

I topped it off with a beautiful green satin cropped blazer.

Monochrome outfit

Outfit formula 3: Monochrome

A monochrome outfit is basically wearing all one color, but it can be slightly different shades of the same color.

For me, there is nothing more sophisticated and classy than a monochromatic outfit. Here, I’m wearing an all-pink outfit, and I love it.

Recently, I read that when you wear brighter, fun colors, you get a dopamine boost in your brain.

I find that it honestly works - I literally do feel better and happier when I put on bright colors.

White button-down and a pair of jeans

Outfit formula 4: White button-down and a pair of jeans

A white button-down and a pair of really good-fitting jeans are two wardrobe basics that every woman needs. They are a fault-proof combination that you can throw on when you think you have nothing to wear.

I’m wearing an oversized white button-down, which is very on-trend - I did a half-tuck and left the top of it unbuttoned to show off my necklace stack.

Always roll the sleeves up on your button-downs, as that makes them look more effortless and gives you that laid-back cool girl vibe.

Black and white outfit

Outfit formula 5: Black and white

Black and white always works; it's never going to go out of style, and it's always going to look incredible and stylish no matter where you're going.

Here, I’m wearing a white leather jacket in a cropped style, and I paired them with some high-waisted black jeans with a straight leg.

I love the faded black wash because faded black gives off that edgy vibe, and that matches my personal style.

Black top and light wash denim

Outfit formula 6: Black top and light wash denim 

It doesn’t matter what style of black top you go for here; it could be a regular top, a button-down, or a sweater. Pairing it with light-wash jeans will never let you down.

I went for a pair of baggy jeans that are ripped at the knee. I also adore the gold buttons on this black leather jacket, as it adds a touch of glam to the look.

All-black with a statement shoe

Outfit formula 7: All-black with a statement shoe 

All-black always works - it's sophisticated, it's modern, and it's chic.

I love adding a unique element to my all-black looks to make them stand out, and what better than a bold red lip and a statement shoe?

I went for a pair of gold platform heels

All-black with a statement jacket

Outfit formula 8: All-black with a statement jacket

Out of all the outfit formulas, this one is the one that I wear most often.

Pick out your favorite black shirt, pick out your favorite black pants or black jeans, and then top it with a freaking amazing jacket, and you are good to go.

Here, I am wearing some vegan leather flares that are super flattering, paired with a black bodysuit, and then these are two different jackets.

Outfit combinations

So there we have eight outfit formulas that you can wear when you have that dreaded feeling of “I have nothing to wear.”

I hope this has provided you with that much-needed inspiration. Let me know which outfit you like the best in the comments below!

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