4 Style Hacks to Go From Frumpy to Fab in Seconds

Heather Anderson
by Heather Anderson
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Hey ladies. How are you doing?

Get ready with me today and I’ll share 4 style tips to take you from frumpy to fab.

These style hacks are especially for the over 40 crowd. The last one is my personal favorite.


1. Show some skin

My first style hack involves rolling the sleeves and pushing them up to show some skin.

This provides some balance with this oversized sweater.

Rolling sleeves up

2. Bring back your waist

Try the infamous front tuck to bring back shape at the waist. 

Tucked sweater

3. Accessorize

Try adding an oversized scarf for interest and extra coziness.

I purposefully wrapped mine so that it wouldn’t be perfectly symmetrical.

Adding scarf

Finally, I’m grabbing this gorgeous, ivory bag to elevate these basic pieces.


Style hacks

You can see how a few simple style hacks took this look from frumpy to flattering.

Which hack is your favorite? Leave me a comment down below. I love to hear from you all.

Do you have any similar fashion tips or tricks? Share them with us!

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See you all next time. Bye for now.

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