How a Turtleneck is A Staple Piece of Your Winter Wardrobe

Kastle W
by Kastle W

It seems like every winter, I'm on the hunt for stylish ways to stay warm. I always miss my summer and fall clothes when the weather turns really cold. I'll freeze to death if I keep wearing them and I hate dragging around a big coat everywhere. Finding clever ways to layer is the best way to stretch your wardrobe into the winter months and still wear your favorite pieces.

I found the turtleneck sweater to be my go-to winter staple. I can pretty much pair it with anything. They come in a variety of thickness options depending on how much warmth you need.

Shop turtlenecks of different materials and thickness:

Thin tissue turtleneck

Organic cotton turtleneck

Merino wool turtleneck

Here are some ideas for making a turtleneck a staple piece of your winter wardrobe:

Wear A Turtleneck Under a Dress

You can get more mileage from your wardrobe by keeping your sleeveless dresses around through winter and simply layering a turtleneck sweater under them. The slim style of a turtleneck adds elegance to any dress, and it will keep you warm!

Double Your Sweater, Double Your Warmth

A sleek turtleneck is a great option to pair with a chunky or loose-fitting sweater. You can double up on your warmth and probably even go without a coat so you can show off your outfit even more. If you get too warm inside, you can always peel one of your sweaters off in the ladies' room and stuff it into your bag. Then put it back on when you're ready to go back out in the cold.

Wear a Turtleneck With a Sweater Vest

Sweater vests are such a fun layering piece in the winter. You can pretty much put them over anything to add a little style and keep your core warm. Turtlenecks are no exception to that rule. You can add a little pop of color or pattern to an otherwise plain turtleneck, and you've got that bonus of sweater-on-sweater warmth.

Dress It Up for Business Wear

While so much business is done over Zoom these days, there are still times you need to dress up like a pro for an important in-person meeting. A turtleneck is a great way to look chic and polished and still stay warm with nothing but a blazer. Let's face it, it's hard to wear a blazer AND a coat without looking bulky. Grab a nice, thick turtleneck if the temperatures are close to freezing with a slightly roomy, straight-fit blazer or opt for a thin, tissue turtleneck and a tailored, slim-fit blazer if it's just on the chilly side outside.

Now that you know how to turn a turtleneck sweater into a staple piece of your winter wardrobe, how will you wear it?

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