How to Style Cute Winter-to-Spring Outfits For Transitional Weather

Marina Popovic
by Marina Popovic

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With the weather changing, it’s time to pull out those transitional pieces that will help you move through the seasons in style. I’m going to share some key transitional pieces and explain how to style winter-to-spring outfits.

How to transition from winter to spring fashion

1. Sleeveless pieces with a turtleneck

The first key trend in my winter-to-spring wardrobe is sleeveless pieces with a turtleneck.

The obvious appeal of sleeveless pieces like this is that you have the option to layer a jacket over the top in colder weather or just wear them as they are in warmer weather.

Weather can be unpredictable at this time of the year, but sleeveless pieces like these help you cover all possibilities. 

I adore this beautiful white dress and like to style it with boots in colder weather and sneakers or loafers in warmer weather. 

Oversized shirts are perfect winter-to-spring clothes

2. Oversized shirts

Oversized shirts are another great winter-to-spring piece because they are good for layering. You can wear them unbuttoned with a vest top underneath, as they are, or with a jacket over the top.

I also like shirts because they look much more elevated than just wearing a cotton top.

How to style transitional winter-to-spring outfits

3. Add a pop of color

During the winter months, I’m someone who likes to be dressed in black and other dark colors, simply because it’s so easy.

But during this transitional period, it is good to include some brighter tones in your wardrobe.

I think that this light pink color has a really playful and cheerful vibe which is perfect for welcoming in the warmer weather.

Loafers are perfect from winter to spring

4. Loafers

My next key piece is loafers. I know that loafers have been around for a long time, but I wasn’t in with the trend until recently.

When I did try them, though, I fell in love with them because I find them to be so simple yet elegant and elevated at the same time.

Bright red loafers

As well as loafers in a neutral color, you can also opt for one’s in a bright hue which ties in with the previous trend of adding a pop of color.

White high-waisted wide-leg pants

5. High-waisted wide-leg pants

Next on the list is a pair of high-waisted wide-leg pants. These aren’t so practical in winter because I prefer to wear pants in a tighter fit to keep my legs warm.

However, with warmer weather, these loose and flowy pants look so gorgeous; I love how they swish about as you walk. I have a pair of white ones on my wishlist. You can either go for a very wide leg like this one...

Fitted high-waisted wide-leg pants

...Or a pair that are more form-fitting like these ones here.

Wearing an oversized blazer for winter-to-spring weather

6. Oversized blazer

Oversized blazers are one of the hottest, most trendy ‘it girl’ pieces, and, of course, they are great to layer on top of things.

I particularly like long oversized blazers that have the length of a mini dress because then you have the option to wear them with pants or with a mini-dress or skirt as I’ve done here.

I like how the blazer falls to the same length as the skirt, creating a harmonious silhouette. 

Winter-to-spring outfit idea with leather pants

7. Leather pants

Last but not least, leather pants are on heavy rotation in my winter-to-spring wardrobe. They are very functional as they keep my legs nice and warm, but they also look very chic and sophisticated as well.

Pair them with some heels, and you’ve instantly got an upmarket look. I’ve paired the pants here with a sleeveless turtleneck sweater going back to the first trend. 

Winter-to-spring outfits tutorial

Those are my seven key winter-to-spring pieces and trends. Having these things in mind when I’m getting dressed really helps me put together fashionable outfits that take the transitional weather into account.

My top tip for you is to choose versatile pieces that will allow you to wear them as they are and also add a layer underneath or on top of them.

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