How to Look Elegant and Classy Everyday in Winter

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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It can be challenging to look chic in winter, because of the thick fabrics and the multiple layers.

Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite elegant winter outfits and suggesting some key pieces you need.

I'm also going to give you some techniques to show you how to look elegant and classy everyday, without costing you a fortune.

Organizing your wardrobe

1. Organize your wardrobe

Get into the habit of constantly trimming your wardrobe, every season if possible.

It's so much easier to put elegant outfit ideas together when you know exactly what you have and where it is.

Creating a capsule wardrobe

2. Create a capsule wardrobe

Choose quality, classic pieces in neutral colors that stand the test of time and so have longevity.

They make it easy to style trendy pieces by adding them to the more timeless ones.

Mixing high and low pieces

3. Mix high and low

My favorite way to make your outfit look expensive without having to spend a lot is to mix high and low. Invest in pieces that instantly elevate your look in the ratio one part high to two or three parts low.

In this outfit I'm wearing an affordable sweater paired with a designer skirt and polished accessories. 


4. Jewelry

Wear grays and blacks with cooler metals such as silver and add gold accents to a warmer color outfit.

Tonal looks

5. Tonal looks

Nothing is more chic than a tonal look, especially when you wear lighter, warmer colors.

It's also a very elongating and slimming look. Of course your tonal outfit can be in any color, including black. 


6. Layering

The key to layering is using thin fabrics that won't create bulk. Start with a thin turtleneck or t-shirt in a natural fiber.

Add a second layer of a fitted shirt or vest that follows your natural curves without adding bulk. I like to play with contrasting colors and even a little pattern.


A dark base is always slimming, topped off with something more colorful or that adds interest to the layering. 


The last layer depends on how cold it is. Usually it will be a coat, a jacket or a cardigan. You can even throw a sweater on top and knot it over your shoulders.

Winter garments tend to be the most expensive, so it's smart to get them during the summer sales. It doesn't matter if these core pieces are from a season or two ago, because they should be timeless.

Camel coat

7. Camel coat

A camel coat is the first piece that every woman should have in her winter wardrobe.

It's not as heavy as black or as high-maintenance as winter white and it goes so well with a wide range of colors.

Black coat

8. Black coat

This winter I invested in an oversize black coat, to look a little more current.

All-black is chic, timeless and elegant but it's important to play with textures or even bright colors as well.

Faux shearling jacket

9. Faux shearling jacket

I love to wear it with jeans and ankle boots, but today I'm styling it with this sexy dress in the same color range for a tonal look.

The dress is a very fine knit and it's figure-hugging so it goes perfectly under the bulky jacket.

With a look like this, I like to show a little bit of leg skin and wear a pointed-toe shoe to make my legs appear longer.


10. Knitwear

I'm happy to spend less on this type of item as long as they're comfortable and don't look worn-out or pilled.

I'm a big fan of turtlenecks, I like the way they frame your face.

Everything today tends to be oversized, so I buy sweaters a size or two smaller so I don't look overwhelmed and I have the option of putting a thicker jacket over them.


11. Boots

For me, footwear is an integral part of a look. Shoes and boots should be well-made and comfortable.

I do like boots with a heel, but not a very high one.

Tweed mini skirt

12. Tweed mini skirt

A tweed garment is a must in every winter wardrobe.

Here, I'm wearing it in the form of a mini skirt rather than the more predictable blazer. Try a skirt just above the knee and pair it with stockings or tights.

Tweed mini skirt outfit

I finished this outfit off with chunky loafers for a touch of modernity.

Sheath dress

13. Sheath dress

A sheath or shift dress is not necessarily a winter item, but I love to layer it under jackets or coats, especially in a warm, rich color.

Neutral winter outfit

How to look elegant and classy everyday

I tend to wear very neutral colors in winter but add a pop of a brighter or richer one cautiously.

I hope you like seeing how I put elegant winter outfits together and that you see that you don't need many items if you choose them carefully.

I'd love to know which look you like best - please let me know in the comments below.

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