5 Items 8 Outfits - How to Create a Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

I’m going to be sharing with you a very, very mini, five-piece work from home capsule wardrobe. I think that we have reached new levels of staying at home and working from home, so I thought that I would create a minimal working from home capsule. The capsule balances comfortable and being at home with feeling chic and ready to tackle the day. Creating these mini capsules every once in a while is a really great way to recognize what your personal style is, what you like wearing and why you like wearing it. It’s also just a great way to discover new ways to put together clothes you already have in your closet. So I’ll be sharing my five pieces and I’ve got a lookbook for you at the end.

This five-piece capsule was just meant to get me through a traditional working week, but I actually was able to create about eight outfits, and I probably could have done one or two more. The outfits are not wildly different looking, but they show the versatility of just a couple of pieces in your closet that work together.

Capsule wardrobe color palette

The palette that I went with is pretty much representative of what I have in my closet. I’ve got a denim blue and then tan, cream, and black. But I’ve accessorized it and punched it up a little bit with some color via my accessories. So these are the pieces that I’ve chosen, followed by the looks that I’ve created with them.

Build a capsule wardrobe

Black Jumpsuit

Number one, is one of the best work from home options, and that is my black jumpsuit. It’s so comfortable and the wrap-cut top and overall silhouette is just really sleek and beautiful. I find that as soon as you add a belt and a little bit of jewelry to this and even a blazer, as you’ll see, it just brings the whole piece up a notch. 

Easy work from home capsule wardrobe

Neutral tone blazer

Next up, I’ve chosen this blazer. I wanted to make sure there was a little bit of structure in this capsule closet, especially if I have things like a comfy sweater and that beautiful jumpsuit. I want to juxtapose that relaxed silhouette with something a little bit more clean and polished. If I need that on a Zoom call. But to be honest, I feel that people are not surprised if other people are showing up in their pajamas online. Even still, I think that it’s important to feel good no matter how to start your day. I also like how this tan color contrasts really beautifully with the creams and the blacks that I’ve chosen.

How to build a capsule wardrobe

Simple turtleneck

I’ve also got my trusty, very old, thin merino turtleneck. I wanted to have a really light layer in here because it’s just the perfect layering piece. Also, because it’s merino, it’s going to keep me toasty and cozy no matter how I wear it. 

How to build a WFH capsule wardrobe

Cream sweater

Next up, I’ve got my cashmere cream sweater. It’s simple but has a luxurious feeling to it - it’s so soft and comfortable. It’s going to work really well with the other pieces that I’ve already chosen. It’s got a really nice neckline so I can show off some accessories and make my outfits more interesting. Having a neckline that showcases something interesting like a scarf or a nice necklace is a big plus is I’m doing a lot of online meetings where only the top half of my body is on display. Interesting necklines can make outfit building a little bit more fun, even if you’re not leaving the house.

How to build a work from home capsule wardrobe

Everyday jeans

And, of course, I don’t think that I could create a capsule without denim (ooh, that might be a good challenge though). Here are my trusty pair of denim pants. They have a skinny straight silhouette, and most importantly, these have a little bit of stretch in them, so I know that I’m going to be pretty comfortable.

Basic capsule wardrobe

Silk scarf

This is the scarf that I used to dress up and make a couple of the looks a little bit more interesting. I think that so many of us have silk scarves in our closets and they are such a nice way to stay cozy but add a little bit of color to your outfit, especially if you’re working with a lot of neutrals. I also just love the floral print. 

Basic work from home capsule wardrobe

 Leather flats

The shoes that I pulled out the most to coordinate with this mini-capsule are my green snakeskin flats (an awesome second-hand find!) They’ve got a little bit of a pop of color, I can wear them around the house, but most importantly, these look good, in my opinion, with just a plain black sock. I always find that it can be hard to find shoes that actually work well when they’re worn with socks, so I like that these can be paired with socks. When you do that you get a little bit of an interesting preppy kind of vibe. The shoes also coordinate really well with the green in the silk scarf.

Let’s jump on into the lookbook:

Work from home capsule wardrobe essentials

Minimalist wardrobe

Easy work from home outfits

Capsule wardrobe neutral colors

Capsule wardrobe staple outfits

Capsule wardrobe versatile pieces

Capsule wardrobe key pieces

The great thing about creating a capsule wardrobe is that it allows you to discover the versatility of the pieces that you already own and reduces the need for going out and buying more clothes. I’m all about helping you make mindful shopping decisions, so your closet is full of timeless pieces you actually love and wear. I hope that the looks that I’ve put together have inspired your work from home repertoire!

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