Vintage Style Without Breaking the Bank- Easy Hacks for Your Wardrobe

by Hilly

Vintage clothing items are items that are older than twenty years. Vintage style is classic and elegant but it can come with a hefty price tag. So, what’s the next best option? Faking it! That’s right, you can still fake your vintage look and look stylish and chic all at the same time. I will show you how I have faked my vintage style with modern clothes that you can buy from popular outlets. Are you ready to transform your closet from modern to vintage in just a few steps? Check out my amazing vintage style tips below!

Easy vintage style


Skirts have always been a feminine item throughout the decades. So, naturally, this is a must-have clothing item that will complement your vintage style. There are so many designs to choose from. Each era brought about its unique style. Change the style of the skirt depending on what era you want to dress. The point is that these skirts are available at major retailers and it won’t feel like a scavenger hunt when purchasing such items. I will show you a few examples below for you to get inspired by.

How to fake vintage style

Skirt from the 1930s

A bias-cut, slim-fitting, flowy satin dress will do the trick. These were a trendy item last year so there should be loads of options in stores.

Modern vintage style

Skirt from the 1940s

An a-line skirt, boxy and in nude color will do the trick.

Vintage style tips

Skirt from the 1950s

A circle, half-circle skirt, with plaid patterns is also an important look not to ignore!

Wear a round collared blouse


Shirts, blouses, and tops are just as essential as skirts. If worn correctly, you will pull off your vintage style with flying colors! The best advice is to wear shirts with a rounded collar; they have a stunning vintage vibe.

Wear a blouse on top of a dress

Blouses also go great on top of dresses and are an easy vintage style.

Tie the end of a loose blouse

Another great vintage style tip is to pair a modern dress with a loose blouse that’s tied at the bottom. This kind of tie-up bottom blouse derives from the 1950s and looks spectacular!

Wear sweaters and cardigans

Sweaters and cardigans

In the 1950s, knits and sweaters became trendy because women ditched the corset look right at the beginning of World War One. Ditching the corset meant that they didn't have a body tight layer of warmth and the next best thing was woolen sweaters. This has become a staple piece and is still worn today. To get this vintage style, wear a cardigan on top of a dress and pair it with a belt, too.

Wear a waist- fitted belt


In the past decades and today, the female waist-line is emphasized in clothing; the use of belts completes many vintage styles. Give yourself a vintage feel by popping a belt on top of a skirt, sweater, or cardigan will give you a classic, polished and vintage look.

So, there you have it! A whole lot of easy vintage styles to give your outfits a touch of class and sophistication. I hope this tutorial was helpful and that you enjoy dressing up with my vintage style tips.

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  • Audrey Audrey on Feb 20, 2022

    Don't forget the shoes in those decades all women's shoes had at least a 1inch to a 2 1/2-inch heel no flats.