5 Elegant Wardrobe Staples

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

Check out these five elegant wardrobe essentials to help you start building up your elegant capsule wardrobe!

Some of these items can be worn any time of year but I've included some winter essentials in my round-up too.

A cape, especially one with faux fur trim, is maybe not something you would immediately think of as a wardrobe essential but it is definitely an essential if you want to elevate your style to a more elegant level. No matter what price, a cape always makes a statement and looks fashionable without breaking the bank.

Faux fur trim and a beautiful white colour like this make for an extra-special vibe.

On the theme of outerwear, of course another elegant wardrobe staple is a classic tailored coat. The reason for this is that there is literally no occasion this wouldn't be appropriate for in Winter. Invest in a premium quality tailored coat and it will carry you through the whole season.

I love a tailored coat with a tie belt as well so that it can cinch me in and be really figure-flattering.

A pair of heels is surely an essential in every woman's wardrobe! As I've gotten older I've been looking for more comfortable ways to wear heels. A stiletto court shoe will always look amazing no matter the price but there's nothing elegant about shoes you can't walk in. Look for pairs with lots of straps and block heels to ensure you're comfortable.

If you can't get over your stiletto addiction, look for stilettos that are slightly lower than average. There is nothing more elegant than confidence and you're more likely to be walking confidently in heels that don't wobble!

Have a look for clothing that flatters your bodyshape, in a colour that suits your skintone and brings out your eyes. Ideally, all your clothes should do this, but in a world where clothing isn't usually designed with a variety of bodyshapes in mind, we do sometimes have to sacrifice this aspect. But it's important that when you do find those pieces, you snap them up! That's why trying on clothes is so important. At the moment, while we can't go into clothing stores and try things on, stick to trusted websites with convenient and preferably free returns processes.

A lightweight knit is an absolute essential for any elegant lady's wardrobe. Bonus points if it's cashmere but it doesn't have to be - any lightweight knit is a great layering piece so you can wear your thickest coat and scarf over it without your outfit looking bulky.

I have lightweight rollnecks in a variety of colours for these exact reasons!

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