Build a Classic Closet by Color

by Emilie
3 Materials
30 Minutes

Let’s start with a simple way to build a mindful, slow, classical clothing closet. One of the easiest ways is by color! I picked the most accessible to most of us: black and white clothing. You can build endless outfits by mixing and matching these two colors... for work, errands or events. This color combo always looks in style and lovely on anyone:

  1. First, start with owning or finding at a good black skirt & pair of black slacks. Very versatile, plus if you purchase a well made piece, you can keep and wear for years to come. I am sporting a black pair of slacks, I’ve owned for many years and a stretch DKNY knee length skirt which is comfy and fits so well.
  2. Choose, buy or pull a few from your own closet ~ blouses: a casual white blouse, a sleeveless one, a striped, and black and white dressier number. Remember, don’t own too many of the same. Make sure each is unique, example: not 10 white short sleeve blouses all the same... Having less, well made, u inquest pieces, keeps your closet less full & extends the fashion looks! I’m showing two. One I bought at a thrift store, the other I’ve owned for years.
  3. Add jewelry you have or invest in pearls, beaded necklaces or make your own. In your collection, have least two different necklaces and earrings along with a ring and bracelet, you can interchange and mix and match.
  4. Lastly: add black flats. A must for your conscious classic closet. Make sure you clean and buff often. This extends the life of them and supports sustainable fashion and our environment!
  5. Put on a jacket or sweater cardigan to change the style immediately. Keeps you warm and stylish all in one. I’m showing a pretty red sweater I purchased several seasons back and a classy lined black jacket from a boutique thrift shop by BCG Maxazaria.

Go through your closet to see what black and white pieces you currently own. Make a list of what you need, if anything and enjoy those clothes!

Add a jacket to the Black & White Fashion Ensemble. Changes the look immediately.

Nice sleeveless white blouse with stretchy black skirt. Classic stylish Spring look.

Black and white dressy blouse with black slacks. Perfect style for office or meeting.

Add a red sweater to make this look Fresh ✨- nice for afternoon outing.

Build you closet by color. I coordinate my pieces by color and pull or what works well together and see how many outfits I can create!

Add a pair of well made black flats. Always classy.

Add unique white blouses to mix and match your black and white looks.

Suggested materials:
  • Thrifted and new black and white clothing pieces   (Boutique a thrift stores or owned from purchasing at clothing shops.)
  • Black flats   (Nordstrom Rack)
  • Jewelry   (Preowned or created)

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