Spring Fashion Lookbook - 10 Outfits for Spring

Gloria Gao
by Gloria Gao

I'm going to be showing you some effortless casual outfits for all kinds of leisure activities, including outfits for the days when you just don't feel like washing your hair or even putting on clothes! These looks are all keeping it simple. All of the clothes that I'm going to show you are things that I've had in my closet for a while and wear regularly.

Cute spring outfits

Outfit 1: The coolest I’ll ever be

In this look, I’m wearing my sweatshirt with my super comfortable leggings and a pair of white sneakers. A bucket hat finishes it off and makes me look super cool. This outfit is very Generation Z.

Spring outfits for women

Outfit 2: I look like I play golf 

I think that golf outfits have the perfect balance between being casual and elegant, so sometimes I dress like someone who plays golf! Of course, I’ve put on my little golf polo shirt and my little golf skort. I’m also wearing my golf shoes. The golf bomber jacket and my teeny tiny golf bag complete the look. I definitely look like I play golf; I don’t.

Casual spring outfits

Outfit 3: I didn’t wash my hair

This look is for the days when you couldn’t bother to wash your hair but still want to look like you put in an effort. To start, I’m wearing my basic black t-shirt and a pair of beige pants, these are actually golf pants, by the way, and I’ve also got my golf shoes on again. To make it look like I put in some effort, I’ve tied my hair up, and I’m wearing my Panama hat. Lastly, I’ve also got a crossbody bag. And voila! With this look, nobody would have guessed that you didn’t wash your hair.

Spring outfits 2021

Outfit 4: I’m oh so French

We all want that effortless French look, and nothing screams wanting to be French more than a Breton shirt. So to start, I’ve put on my good old Breton shirt and a pair of white pants. Are you even going to be surprised if I tell you that these are also golf pants? I’ve paired this with my white sneakers and, finally, a navy and red silk scarf. This is a classic and effortless look. Now you can be the most elegant person at the grocery store.

Spring 2021 outfits

Outfit 5: I’m too lazy to dress up

This look is for the days when you’re too lazy to even put on a shirt and a pair of pants. My solution is a polo dress that you can slip on or even sleep in. I’ve paired this with my white sneakers. And to make it look like I didn’t just roll out of bed, I’m wearing my bucket hat and a crossbody bag. Now nobody will know that you just got out of bed a minute ago.

Spring outfit ideas

Outfit 6: My polo shirt is better than yours

I think that a knitted polo shirt is more refined than a regular polo shirt—for example, this white knitted polo shirt with navy accents. I’ve paired it with my blue jeans and my comfy white sneakers. I’m also carrying my tiny bag. This look is casual but still quite elevated.

Spring capsule wardrobe

Outfit 7: I’m going sailing, bye

This look is my imaginary sailing outfit since I’m not sailing anywhere. I’m wearing a relaxed blue striped shirt and a pair of white linen shorts. I’ve also put on my sandals and a white Panama hat. Let’s be honest; the only places that I can sail to are places in my imagination. 

Simple spring outfits

Outfit 8: Mediterranean mafia boss

I just sailed to the Mediterranean in my imagination. This look is the Mediterranean mafia boss on vacation. I’m wearing my white linen shirt and my white jeans, which I’ve paired with my golf shoes and my white Panama hat. And, of course, a pair of shades. The key is all white because when you’re a mafia boss, you don’t have to lift a finger. 

Easy spring outfits

Outfit 9: I’m too cool for you

This look is for the artsy girl who doesn’t care about looking perfect for anyone - aka I’m too cool for you. The key is to start with a super basic white t-shirt to show that I don’t care. And then a pair of black wide-leg pants. Don’t tell me my pants are too long, coz I don’t care. Now a pair of white sneakers for comfort. Duh. Then a black bucket hat to avoid eye contact when necessary. And finally, a black crossbody bag. Here you go, I’m officially too cool for you. 

What to wear in spring

Outfit 10: The safari girl who doesn’t like safari

The last look is for the safari girl who doesn’t actually like safari, she’s just there for the photos. To start, I’ve put on a cotton shirt, and I’ve paired this with a suede mini skirt, because you know I’m only there for the photos. I’ve also got on my beautiful sandals. And lastly, I’m wearing my Panama hat again. I don’t know if I’m safari-ready, but I’m definitely photo-ready.

There we go; I’ve shown you ten different looks for spring. By sticking to fairly neutral colors and simple items in your spring wardrobe, you can easily mix and match different things together. What are the essential pieces that you’ll be wearing?

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