Three Leopard Print Outfits Pregnancy Edition

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
3 Materials
20 Minutes

You know your girl loves her leopard print! So here is the pregnancy edition icon icon

I may have mentioned before that I STAIGHT UP REFUSE to buy maternity clothes this time around. I do have a few pieces from my daughter (but a lot of it I gave to friends and don't remember to who) I also had some items given to me from other friends but to be honest, other then a maybe a few jeans and shorts (depending on the time of year) I find maternity clothes to be a scam. I'm sure you have some loose fitting items in your closet!

Any who, here is a way to make your sweaters work! After about month 6, most of your tops will no longer pass the belly test. That's when you lift your arms and your belly hangs out the bottom icon

All you need to make this a none issue is a tank underneath and viola, maternity friendly!

Next is this bulk sweater I already had, bulky sweaters were all the rage the past couple years and are a perfect top for maternity wear. The leggings are also regular leggings, now I just wear them under my bump.

Finally, pencil skirts! I am doing a full post on all the great ways to wear a pencil skirt while pregnant and I love my leopard print one with a white top.

Suggested materials:
  • Tank top   (shop your closet)
  • Leggings   (shop your closet)
  • Pencil skirt   (shop your closet)

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