Tips for Shopping Your Own Closet

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“I have NOTHING to wear!” We’ve all said it as we stand in our closet full of perfectly decent clothes. What we REALLY mean is that we’re bored and want to go shopping. Right? Sometimes you just have to take inventory and get a little creative in order to be inspired by what you already own.

So, the next time you have the urge to go on a shopping spree, try out some of these tips for shopping your own closet!


It’s hard to find something special when your closet is overflowing with items that are out of style, not the right fit or just not conducive to your current lifestyle (I’m looking at you, crop tops from college I will never in my life wear again). I guarantee those are the only items you notice when you peruse your wardrobe. Follow my tips and purge that closet, girl!The next time you peek inside, you’ll be greeted by actual options, which is a great start.


And while you’re taking inventory of your clothing, snap some pictures of the items you’re really excited about. That pair of heels you’ve only worn once. The dress that makes you feel super confident. That skirt that’s been buried in the back depths of your closet racks. Take a picture of these items and save them to an album in your phone. You can do the same thing when you wear an outfit that you love to remember it for later. Then, the next time you are at a loss for what to wear, you have a whole album of inspiration!




It’s important to be comfortable in what we wear, but I find myself getting bored of my closet when I’m wearing the same thing over and over again. Fashion should be fun! Ask yourself how you can spice your look up with something already hanging up in your wardrobe. Maybe try pattern mixing, wear a pair of heels instead of flats, go for a skirt instead of jeans, or simply lay off the leggings and sweats (I love joggers as much as the next girl, but I definitely get in a comfort zone instead of choosing something that will make me feel pretty).





If you do all of these things and still can’t pick a look you’re excited about, turn to the pros! Instagram, Pinterest and are your best friends in this scenario. I love pulling up my favorite blogger’s profile, spotting a cute outfit and picking similar pieces from my closet to recreate the look. I post lots of outfit inspo in the app and Instagram, if you want to give me a follow!

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