How to Shop Your Closet: 3 Sustainable Outfit Ideas

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Ciao everyone! Today, I'm sharing how to shop your sustainable closet for effortless winter and spring outfits inspired by 2023 fashion trends.

I’ll be using 3 specific looks that I love from street style, the internet, etc and reinterpreting them using staples that you might have in your closet. Follow along if you’re up for a shop your closet challenge!

Once you view your wardrobe as elements of style rather than trying to copy looks you admire, piece by piece, it opens up a whole new way to play with what you already have.

Layered Breton jumper look

1. Layered Breton jumper look

What stands out to me is the layering of this look. You don’t have to layer using the same elements.

For example, you could swap a turtle neck for the button down. The chunky belt goes a long way to change the silhouette of the look by cinching in the waist.

To me this look is playful, feminine and chic. I love the high boot with the short hem of the dress

Just like in the inspiration shot, I’ve unbuttoned the shoulder buttons slightly for an effortless detail.

Layered Breton jumper look

I also love how the sleeves are scrunched up for added texture. At first I tried these camel boots for the color:

Layered Breton jumper look

But I actually prefer these thigh high boots, despite the darker color.

It’s way cuter, which goes to show that proportion can be more important than matching exact colors.

Layered Breton jumper look

Lastly, I’ve added a vintage purse and unpopped the collar because it was feeling too preppy.

Layered Breton jumper look

2. Monochromatic trench coat look

Monochromatic trench coat look

I actually love the unexpected sliver of skin shown off with the crop top under this winter look.

The monochromatic base of the black top and pants are key here, going along with a cohesive color palette outside of that with the pops of red.

The boxiness of the coat and pants are balanced out with the skin showing at the midriff and the ankles. This is a tailored, clean and minimal look and I like the contrast between the print and the black. 

I’ve started out with my black base. To achieve the slight crop, I tucked my sweater into the bottom of my bra. 

Monochromatic trench coat look

I’ve added a tailored coat on top, instead of a blazer, and I opted for lug sole boots to match the color.

Monochromatic trench coat look

Finally, I’ve added a neutral purse to finish the look.

Monochromatic trench coat look

3. Sweater and skirt combo

Sweater and skirt combo

What I love about this outfit is the contrast between texture and silhouette here. I’m noticing beautiful textures in the quasi balaclava scarf, the fuzzy sweater and the soft, luxurious knit skirt.

Even the print on the boot adds an element of texture as well. The muted tones help to create a softness and there’s a nice tension between the proportions of the loose top and fitted bottom. 

Using what I have, I’ve paired my suede boot with a long, silk skirt to emulate the texture play. 

Sweater and skirt combo

For the volume play on top, I’ve added this faux fur coat.

My version of the look is more monochromatic, so the visual interest is focused on texture. 

Sweater and skirt combo

Finally, I’m wearing my purse as a cross-body bag, under the coat, so I don’t have to worry about it falling off with all the bulk. 

Sweater and skirt combo

How to shop your closet

I hope you’ve enjoyed this shop your closet tutorial.

If you’re up for the challenge of how to shop your own closet, show us some of your favorite looks in the comments below!

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