How to Shop Your Own Closet & Create Looks With Spring 2022 Trends

Today, I am going to shop my closet for some spring 2022 trends. I have a very limited travel capsule closet with me, so it will be a challenge, but I’m ready for it.

For those who don’t know me, I am all about slow fashion, which encourages creativity instead of consumption and getting the most out of the clothes that you already own by styling them in lots of different ways.

Bright trend for spring 2022

1. Brights

The first trend is bright colors. Here is my first interpretation of this colorful trend.

I’m trying to make the scarf the star of the show. I’ve paired it with wide-leg denim jeans that help bring out a little bit of the blue in the scarf and make it feel a little more like that color-blocking scheme that we saw on the runway.

On my feet, I have my white pointed flats. I feel like the white is also a nice sharp contrast and feels like a bright.

I also feel like the wide-leg is good because the halter that I’ve got styled here is a little skimpy. So when I am skimpy in one place, I want to be really covered in another.

I also feel that it goes with the whole y2k vibe.

How to style spring 2022 outfits

When you’re heading out, complete the look by throwing on a beige blazer and accessorizing with some gold jewelry and shades.

Preppy trend for spring 2022

2. Preppy

I know the wide-leg pants are very far from preppy, but as I’m wearing a lot of tailored and structured pieces on top, the jeans are a way for me to counterbalance that and create a more interesting look.

For a more polished edge, I would switch out the white sneakers for a pair of pointed-toe shoes.

Spring 2022 style trends

To layer up, I would again throw on my beige blazer, which adds more structure to the look.

2022 trends clothing

Here we have another preppy look. I know that the belt isn’t exactly preppy, but that’s how I would interpret it, and shopping your closet is all about making something more you.

Mini trend for spring 2022

3. Mini

For the mini-trend, I thought I would go with shorts instead of a skirt because it’s the same hem length and has a very similar silhouette. So these shorts still give me that same visual silhouette and proportion play.

I also noticed that a lot of those relaxed-elegant looks were worn with a simple crew or polo sweater that has a nice easy fit. 

Creating looks inspired by spring 2022

To shop my closet for this look, I’ve taken a black t-shirt and paired it with a v-neck sweater, so it kind of creates the illusion and the feel of a crew neck, even though it’s not the exact same thing.

I didn’t add a belt because I like how soft the whole look is.

For footwear, I opted for a pair of slingbacks because they are a really nice counterbalance to the more relaxed outfit.

Wearing a dress as a mini skirt

Here is another take on the minitrend. I went for a dress that is not a mini length, but I made it one by belting the waist and pulling the dress up above the belt.

Then, to feel more like a mini skirt, as opposed to a dress, I layered the same v-neck sweater over the top. I stuck with the slingbacks again because they are also very popular shoe for this season, and the sensible heel makes them easy to walk in.

In addition, the shoes help to counterbalance all of the swishiness happening in the skirt. The fact that the shoes are delicate and dainty and polished creates some style tension with something that feels a little bit more casual and playful.

Tailoring trend for spring 2022

4. Tailoring

Tailoring is another trend. Here I’m wearing a pair of lightweight, wide-leg pants. I’m wearing a shirt untucked so that it’s not too much volume.

Tailored trousers for spring 2022

If you want a bit more visual balance, you can opt for something like this. I love the juxtaposition of a sporty kind of tank with pants that are more fluid and tailored.

Shopping your closet for spring 2022 trends

One final iteration is rather than taking the whole tailoring concept literally and adding a blazer that has a little too much sharpness and structure, I would grab my trench coat.

This is another really easy interpretation, especially if you’ve got a long duster-cardigan or a shirt dress that you can wear open - something that’s got a little bit of movement to it.

Spring 2022 trends

I hope you enjoyed shopping my closet with me for spring and summer 2022 trends.

Following trends doesn’t mean that you have to go out each season and fill your wardrobe with new clothes; slow fashion is all about making the most out of what you already own.

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