4 Casual Summer Beach Wear Ideas To Keep You Looking Cool in the Heat

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to take barefoot walks along the beach. Just because I'm chilling out, though, I don't want to compromise my style, and I still want to be wearing something trendy.

So I'm going to show you four gorgeous summer beach wear outfits that are so simple and so easy to recreate on any budget.

What to wear for a day at the beach

1. Pretty in peach

For the first outfit, I chose a beautiful mix of cotton and linen. When people talk about summertime and summer clothes, the first thing that I think about is linen because it is a fabric that really lends itself to hot weather.

I went with these beautiful peach-colored capri pants that I paired with a basic white t-shirt. 

Best beachwear accessories

To accessorize, I’m wearing a gold chain necklace that has a British coin at the center. I think that it’s very unique and I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. I really recommend wearing gold jewelry when it’s sunny because it twinkles and shimmers as the sun hits it.

Beach bag

I chose this beautiful striped bag to accompany the outfit. I like how the color of the stripes on the bag goes with the pants. They’re not the same color, but they complement each other very well, and it’s little details like this that help to make an outfit look unified and harmonious.

As you can see with this look, I kept the color palette really simple because, for me, beachwear is all about minimalism.

Cute summer beach outfits

2. Easy monochrome

Next up, I wanted to create a monochrome look for the summer. So I chose a pink linen dress, and I paired it with a pair of suede sandals in the same exact tone.

This outfit is so straightforward yet makes an impact. I love the pinky-peach color; it is a really soft and gentle tone, perfect for calm and tranquil summer days.

Cute summery beach hat

I chose a straw hat for the accessory to this outfit, and I customized it by adding a little bee pin. I love adding a little signature touch.

Casual beach wear for ladies

3. Wide-brim wonder

Here, I went for light blue denim Bermuda shorts, and I paired them with a one-piece halter neck swimsuit. Since I love straw hats, I added a wide-brim straw hat to this outfit (that I thrifted for $2!). It for sure is going to keep the sun out of my eyes!

This outfit is great if you’re going to be swimming, as I’ve incorporated the swimsuit into my outfit. There are so many gorgeous swimsuits out there, so you can go with whichever color and style you want.

Summer beach wear

4. Breton essentials

For the last outfit, I decided to create a more classy look by combining two timeless pieces. I chose white Bermuda shorts and a Breton navy top.

A Breton top is a classic piece that I think every woman should have in her wardrobe. You could wear it in the summer, in the winter, really in any season. To finish the outfit off, I have a woven fabric bag that adds a bit of texture to this look. A straw bag would look great as well.

Summer beach wear

I hope you like the four looks that I styled for you. As I said, they’re super simple and very easy to recreate. My top tips for putting together summer beach wear outfits are to go for lightweight and breathable fabrics and keep accessories to a minimum.

Comfort is a top priority, so make sure it doesn’t get overlooked!

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