Summer 2021 Dresses and Styling Tips

by Thestylineducator

Summer 2021 and I plan on wearing dresses non-stop! I love dresses, I do! They are so comfy and easy to slip on to run errands. However, working from home has killed that for me. Well, and the fact that what I wear is one of the top clothing trends. If you know what I am talking about, you know that I live in athleisure. I work in it and have even found ways to dress it up a little to wear out and about. Sad, I know. But I do love dresses!

Since we can actually go out and run errands without getting Facebook lectures and the people looking at us like we are crazy, I want to wear my dresses more. I like to wear all styles of dresses. From maxi to shift to tee shirt. I even have dressier dresses, but since I am working on my weight right now, those don’t quite fit just right. Hopefully, soon they will, but until then, I will wear all of the above!

Maxi dresses are the best. They fit loose and they flow. They have changed a great deal and can be dressed up or down. You can even wear some as a swimsuit cover-up. You can add these sneakers, this crossbody, and these hoops and you have a casual outfit for lots of different outings!

The shift dress is just a classic style. The style ranges from simple or to added touches to bring it more current and on-trend. I love a fun shift dress, as you can see from my pics! Take a cute, trendy shift dress and add this straw bag, these cute straw shoes, and then these fun earrings and you create a little bit of a more sophisticated look.

And lastly, I have my tee shirt dresses. I used to think these were the ultimate in comfy. You toss on your flip-flops and you are good to go. However, I have also discovered the versatility of these dresses and how to style them in ways that can shock most people! Now, let’s dress this up! Let’s get these wedges, this bracelet and earrings, and this clutch, and get ready to paint the town red!

As you can see you can have a couple of dresses in your wardrobe and you can create several different outfits. Trust me, no one will even remember if you wear the same dress and style it differently. Look for the different styles available this summer and add a few to your wardrobe and you will soon see how they are a summer wardrobe essential!



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