How to Stay Stylish in the Rain

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

Right now in the UK, it's an absolute nightmare getting dressed each day. It's so muggy that sometimes even a cami feels claustrophobic yet you can't go out and enjoy the heat because it's always pouring down bucketfuls of rain.

Of course, here on we're not going to let a little thing like the Great British weather ruin our outfits. Here's some helpful tips for dressing in unpredictable weather.

Wellies have a reputation for looking less-than-stylish but actually, they can elevate your outfits! Even the Queen of England loves her wellies. The British aristocracy spend a lot of time in the countryside, usually in their Hunter green, so it's actually quite an expensive look! However, if you're not a fan of the Hunters price-tag, look to brands like Joules for stylish, affordable alternatives such as their glossy Kelly wellies.

Both Joules and Hunters also create wellies that come to mid-calf rather than knee-high, which is great if you have wide calves.

A trench coat is usually our go-to for rainy weather but the additional difficulty in summer is that it can also get very hot. For that reason, a jacket is a much better option. Leather (whether real or faux) will easily withstand the elements and, if you get too hot, it's much easier to carry with you than a long trench coat that might end up dragging through puddles!

Denim jackets are also great in summer but won't protect you from the rain as well as other materials, so of course the number one rule is to always carry your umbrella with you. It's tempting to buy the cheapest umbrella going but these actually break very easily and I found that when I spent more money on a Radley umbrella, it lasted me over a year before the wind finally got the better of it.

If you don't have pockets or a bag for an umbrella, keep something with you that you can put over your head during a sudden downpour, such as a blanket, cardigan or of course a hat.

It's also important to have a mix of premium and cheaper clothing in your wardrobe. In summer, you'll most likely be washing items a lot more frequently because - ew - we obviously all sweat when it's hot! More expensive items often need specialist cleaning routines so it's handy to have a few more affordable options that you can just chuck in the washing machine as needed.

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