Summers Hottest Hair Accessories

Melissa Radford
by Melissa Radford

There are two hair accessory trends that have been starting to pop up now that nicer and warmer weather is here! Today I'll show you the two pieces that you will be seeing everywhere this summer.

First we have the flower claw clips. They started becoming trendy towards the end of Summer 2021 and we will be seeing them return this year as well. Whether you style it in your hair as I've shown above, or use it to add an additional fun detail to your outfit you'll definitely want them in a few fun colours.

Here is an example where I've clipped it onto the strap of my purse. There are some affordable packs linked here, or some higher quality ones linked here. Another great idea is to clip one onto your bikini. That way you have access to a functional accessory to style your hair, or it can act as a statement piece to tie your look together!

The other hair accessory that is starting to make a comeback is wide elastic headbands. The one I've shown here is just a plain black one that I thought helped tie the black blazer with the lighter colours in the rest of my outfit. This a great option to make an outfit look more chic, but also could be styled in a casual sporty way as well. These were trendy years ago so if you still have some around it's the perfect time to bring them back out!

These tips can be used to style pieces you already own or you can shop similar products to what I've used using the links in the text.

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