10 Summer 2022 Fashion Trends & TikTok Aesthetics to Rock This Season

by Alexa

I am going to be styling 10 summer 2022 fashion trends and even dabbling in some TikTok aesthetics that I’ve seen recently. For me, trying new trends is fun because it means getting outside of my comfort zone. Of course, wear whatever makes you happy, whether it's a trend or not.

Rachel Green wearing a denim vest as a top

1. Denim vests

The first look is denim vests that you can wear as a top. I feel like it creates such an effortless look. 

Wearing a denim vest as a top

You can wear denim on denim, but I like the idea of wearing it with florals and more summery pieces. I put together this look, which gives off a 90s vibe. Also, I thrifted the entire outfit!

Biker jacket trend for summer 2022

2. Biker jacket

The second trend is a biker jacket, and leather in general.

Biker jacket, leather mini skirt, and Harley Davidson t-shirt

Here, I went for a faux leather lace-up mini skirt, which I paired with a loose-fitting biker jacket. A biker jacket is a timeless piece to have in your wardrobe. I wore a Harley Davidson t-shirt with it because come on, it’s a biker look.

Balletcore TikTok aesthetic

3. Balletcore

Balletcore is a TikTok aesthetic that has summer trends built into it. You can go full-on and look like you’re literally going to do ballet, or you can just take inspiration from certain pieces, such as lighter colors like light pink, and white tights.

How to reinterpret the balletcore trend

A light-colored top with a wrap skirt in pink or white would have looked better, but adding the sheer shawl, at least hopefully, sends home the look I’m going for.

I wanted to include some sort of sheer because I think that having those soft pieces is really a part of balletcore. Obviously, the white tights are a staple, and then I have some white ballet flats, which have been a spring/summer 2022 fashion trend.

Polkadot fashion trend for summer 2022

4. Polkadot

Polkadots are another summer trend.

Casual outfit with a polkadot camisole

Here, I put together a more casual look. I have this thrifted polka dot cami. If I had left it by itself, it would have given too much of a sexy vibe, so I wanted to tone that down. I decided to layer it on top of a white crop top.

A lot of the outfits featured in magazines were head-to-toe polka dots, but I feel like this outfit is a bit more realistic and more of a day-to-day look.

Regencycore fashion trend, inspired by Bridgerton

5. Regencycore

The next trend is regencycore.

How to rock the regencycore aesthetic

I don’t know how true my outfit is to the aesthetic, but this dress gives me Bridgerton vibes. I paired it with some black lace gloves and a puffy velvet headband. I think I did good, again interpreting it with my own style.

Coastal grandma fashion trend for 2022

6. Coastal grandma

In the opposite direction from the formality of regencycore, we have coastal grandma, which is basically like you're a grandma on a yacht. Just kidding, there is more to the aesthetic than that.

The Coastal Grandma aesthetic

For a more in-depth guide, check out this tutorial on the Coastal Grandma style trend.

How to wear the coastal grandma trend

I was surprised that I did have some pieces, and it’s definitely a look that has a very chilled-at-the-beach vibe. The straw hat, in particular, is a big component of coastal grandma.

Neckties for summer 2022

7. Neckties

The next trend is neckties, so basically, taking a long scarf and tying it around your neck.

How to style a necktie

This was quite outside of my comfort zone because I don’t really wear scarves in general, even during wintertime.

The base is an emerald green slip dress. The only scarf that I owned that was long enough to do this look is an animal print one, so I wanted to pair the dress with pieces that would work with the scarf a little bit more.

I went for a light-colored leather blazer and some light-colored boots. I like that if you’re not wearing a lot of jewelry, you can have your neck scarf be a statement piece for an outfit that is a bit more minimal.

Waistcoat trend for 2022

8. Waistcoats

I did need to do a proper outfit with a waistcoat because I feel that a denim vest worn as a top is kind of different from the waistcoat style.

How to style a waistcoat for a 90s normcore outfit

This is again giving me that 90s vibe. I didn’t create an outfit for it, but it did say that normcore right now is a hot TikTok aesthetic, and they gave the example of Seinfeld style.

I don’t know if this is a Seinfeld style, but regardless, I do like this outfit - it has my favorite things: denim and Docs.

Tube top trend for summer

9. Tube tops

The next trend is tube tops.

How to wear tube tops in the summer

I saw some trend lists that said that tube tops were big for this summer, but I feel like tube tops are always big for summer; they give a nice silhouette on your body. The only one I own is this bright green one, and I paired it with a long denim skirt.

Matching sets with the same pattern

10. Matching set

I realized that I had two pieces that were the same pattern, and I had to put them together.

How to style summer 2022 fashion trends

In the past, I’ve said that I want a gingham suit set, but I thrifted this crop top recently, not even realizing that the pattern matches these gingham pants perfectly. If you told me that they got sold together, I would 100% believe you.

Patterned or colored sets instantly make it look like you know what you’re doing.

Summer 2022 fashion trends

I hope that this style guide has given you some inspiration for what to wear this summer.

I’ve gone through a number of trends and aesthetics; if these speak to you, then go for it and follow them, but if not, just stick to your own style and wear what you feel comfortable in.

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