How To Salvage A Torn Sweater When You Don't Really Sew

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I'm a great seamstress when it comes to home decor. You need curtains or a new pillow? I'm your gal, but when it comes to fashion, not so much.

So when my favorite cardigan developed a few holes, I was super sad and frankly at kind of a loss.

Then I decided to put my DIY hat on, got creative with a little bit of embroidery thread and made the best of it.

So here was my dilemma. My favorite duster had a giant hole right in the front. It wasn't on the seam, which I've fixed before, but right in the middle. Ugh.

I knew I needed to close the hole before I could make it pretty.

For that I grabbed a needle and some beige thread and hand stitched it closed. It did the job, but it was still unwearable.

So next up, I had to hide...or at least camouflage that fashion frankenspot.

I thought about adding a patch over it, which would be lovely, and there are lots of them in the stores to choose from, but I didn't have a patch at home, so I needed another option.

What I did have was embroidery thread.

Now, as I said, I'm not a fashion designer or a great embroiderer. Anything complicated was out. However even I can manage to make a couple of X's. So that's just what I did.

And they looked perfect. They covered the messy seam and gave my sweater a bit of flair.

Coupled with my jeans, a white blouse and a few brown accessories, I was back in business.

So the next time you get a rip in your own favorite sweater don't let a lack of fancy sewing skills stop you from trying to salvage it.

For more suggestions on how to save a torn sweater or to see how I closed up the holes on the back of this one, visit my site.

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  • Needle   (Amazon)
  • Thread   (Amazon)
  • Embroidery Thread   (Amazon)

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