How to Make Your Own Cropped Hoodie With Scissors and Household Bleach

Abi Dashery
by Abi Dashery
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Cropped hoodies are everywhere at the moment so I really wanted to have a go and make some bleach dyed cropped hoodies for my online store, you can have a go at making one for yourself, or head over to my online store and something unique, sustainable and hand dyed by me.

Online store -

See the full video of this tutorial on my YouTube channel.

You will need:

Black hoodie in 100% cotton

Household bleach

Rubber/latex gloves

Rubber bands



The first thing I did was lay my hoodie down flat on the ground.

Then I scrunched the fabric together into a small bundle and secured it with rubber bands.

Then I put on some rubber/latex gloves and covered my bundle in neat household bleach.

I turned my bundle over and covered the other side in bleach too, then I used my hands (wearing gloves is a MUST) to spread the bleach all over my hoodie bundle.

I left my hoodie until the fabric changed colour (mine took around 15 minutes but times can vary so keep checking your garment.) When it is a colour you are happy with, rinse it in cold running water then put it in the washing machine - wash with old towels or something similar, do not wash with your regular clothes!

When it is dry, it's time to crop the hoodie. (or leave it long if you prefer).

Before I could cut my hoodie, I had to unpick the pocket, I used an un-picker, but you could use scissors too, be careful not to damage the fabric underneath.

Measure the length of your cut, if you are unsure, always cut off less than you think, you can always cut a little bit more off if it's too long, but if it's too short - you can't stick a bit back on! Make sure you mark a straight line to follow and cut along the hoodie.

When it's complete, it should look like this!

Suggested materials:
  • Black hoodie   (AWDIS)
  • Household bleach   (Supermarket)

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