From Frumpy Sweater To Chanel-Inspired Top

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior

Today I have a tutorial for you that is something straight out of "Clueless."

And the best part? This chique top can be made from a sweater you already own.

Here's how...

Here's the sweater we'll be working with.

As you can see, it's a cute pattern, but not a flattering shape at all.

Using a washable fabric marker, I'm going to trace my silhouette.

Cut along this drawn line, then use the removed bit to ensure both sides are symmetrical by lining up the seams and tracing.

Use a sewing machine or serger to sew along the cut edges to reattach the front and back pieces.

This is what our top looks like now. It fits much better, but the sleeves would look much cuter short.

Measure the desired length sleeve and cut.

Attach the cuff to the newly cut, short sleeve by placing right sides together.

Sew the cuff to the sleeve.

You can also crop the top by turning the shirt inside out, folding the bottom inward and measuring twice the amount as you'd like to remove. Then sew along the cuff's edge and cut off the excess fabric.

Ta-da! Now all that's left to do is style your new top.

Have fun sewing!


Ms. Melior

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