Valentine’s DIY Sweatshirt

Amy Sadler
by Amy Sadler
30 Minutes
I loved this soft pink heather sweatshirt!

I have been seeing Valentine sweaters everywhere and I am loving them! I wanted to find a way to make my own Valentine’s DIY sweatshirt, but what to do?

I knew I didn’t want to drag out my sewing machine and make a huge mess. What to do, what to do?

Heart elbow patches! YESSSS!!!

I ran to Walmart and got everything I needed to make this Valentine’s DIY sweatshirt in just a few minutes.

Listen, this was such a simple DIY I am almost embarrassed to write this out for you, but here is how I did it. I made it as simple and durable as possible.

I old school cut out a heart just like 4th grade. I eyeballed the size and used my first heart as a template for my second. I could have cut these on my Cricut Maker but I loved doing it start to finish in just a few minutes and my first attempt at hearts were cute!

I used these hearts as my template by tracing them on the heatbond.

Tip: fold the heatbond paper sides together to cut the heart. Otherwise, the bonder will stick together.

Press the heatbond onto your heart with your bonded side against your flannel. Ironing the paper side on medium heat for 2 seconds. Do this to both heart elbow patches. Then peel the paper backing off of your hearts.

Try on your sweatshirt. Fully extend your arm and then bend 90 degrees. Mark the tip of your elbow with a sharpie or fabric marker. This makes sure your elbow patch is in the right spot. I could not have eyeballed my own elbow placement. I would have had bicep patches if I had skipped this step!

Lay your sweatshirt on a flat heat safe surface. Find your elbow mark and flatten the sleeve of your sweatshirt. Place the center of your heart patch on the mark. Press for 20 seconds on high heat.

Cutest Valentine’s DIY sweatshirt!

That’s it my friend. Enjoy your adorable no sew, heart patch Valentine’s DIY sweatshirt!

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Amy Sadler
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