Make Your Own Swimsuit: This Cute DIY One-Piece Can Be Worn 5+ Ways

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Have you ever wondered how to make your own swimsuit? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a halter bathing suit using this DIY swimsuit pattern.

Although the pattern seems uncomplicated, the actual technique may get tricky! That’s why I decided to walk you through the steps and explain everything to you. The result is breathtaking and is well worth the time and effort.

Tools and materials:

  • Two swimwear fabrics
  • Swimwear elastic
  • Rotary cutter
  • Seam ripper
  • Dani One-Piece Pattern
  • Scissors
  • Serger
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread
Cutting the DIY swimsuit pattern

DIY swimsuit pattern

1. Cut the pattern

Get the DIY swimsuit pattern here. Download it, print it, and cut the pieces you need accordingly. Remember, you’ll need two pieces from each fabric piece. Also, I cut the bottom pattern pieces on the fold to make things easier. 

Sewing the long halter bust pieces

2. Assemble the DIY one-piece bathing suit

Alright, let’s put this beauty together! Go ahead and match all of your pieces right sides together.

Now, I will start with the longer bust piece; sew every area except for the curved bottom part. Also, attach elastic just to the sides, not the top.

How to make a DIY swimsuit

For the bottom front piece (left), sew the leg holes only. Also, attach elastic there, too. Leave the top part untouched.

For the bottom back piece (right), sew both the leg holes as well as the waistline. Attach elastic onto those seams as well. 

Sewing one-piece swimsuit

Use a basting stitch first and then serge the edges after. 

Sewing the bottom of the bust pieces

3. Prepare the bust pieces

Turn the bust pieces right sides out and sew the bottom opening closed. First, use a basting stitch for this part. 

Pulling at the gathering stitches for ruffles

Now, pull at one of the threads and create a ruffle effect along the curved side. 

Scrunching the bust pieces

Scrunch these bust pieces until they are at the desired width. 

How to make a halter bathing suit

Stitch the ruching into place using a regular stitch. Also, backstitch at the beginning and the end. 

Attaching the bust pieces to the bottoms

4. Attach the bust pieces to the bottom

Ok, now it’s time to attach the bust pieces to the bottom front piece. Simply insert each piece inside the bottom and align the raw edges equally. 

Pinning the bust pieces to the bottoms

Pin them down and pay attention to how you want them spaced. For me, spacing my bust pieces about 2 inches apart yields the best results. 

Sewing the bust pieces to the bottoms

Sew the bust pieces just to one layer of fabric using a long basting stitch. 

Sewing the DIY halter top swimsuit

Fold over the other layer of fabric and now sew completely across all three layers of fabric, ensuring that everything is enclosed. I went straight to my serger for this step. 

Attaching the front and back bottom pieces

5. Attach all pieces

Now your front piece should be unified. The next step is to attach the back to the front, and this technique may seem weird at first, so be sure to understand it before proceeding. Start by turning the back piece right sides out. 

Inserting the back piece into the front piece

Insert the back piece into the front piece, with right sides together. Align the side seams and pin to secure. Also, align the gusset and pin.

This can get tricky since there’s a lot of fabric in there. The biggest takeaway is to ensure that the seams of both the front and back pieces are aligned. 

Sewing the sides of the bottom pieces

Now, sew all three sides. I did this with a secure straight stitch. Once you’re done, cut off the excess seam allowance. 

Making a hole with a seam ripper

6. Flip right sides out

Using a seam ripper, open a 2-inch hole along an existing seam. I choose an area right by the gusset. 

Flipping the bottoms right sides out

Turn the fabric right sides out and close that 2-inch gap. 

DIY one-piece bathing suit

BONUS! This pattern also comes with an option to add extension bands. See the written directions included with the pattern to see how to create them! 

Reversible DIY halter top swimsuit

Here is the DIY halter top swimsuit! What do you think? It’s pretty easy to make your own swimsuit if you have a good pattern and guide to show you how to get it right! 

How to wear the DIY halter top swimsuit

How to style the DIY one-piece bathing suit

Make your own swimsuit

Make your own swimsuit tutorial

I love how this swimsuit fits on my body, and it looks super chic. It can also be worn in a bunch of different ways, thanks to the reversible pattern. It was great fun sewing this one-piece swimsuit, and I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial. 

Suggested materials:
  • Two swimwear fabrics
  • Swimwear elastic
  • Rotary cutter
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