DIY: Brush-stroked Triangle on a T-shirt

by Maria

With the moving, my DIY tools have been left in Barcelona, so I've had to look for new ones to keep on with my "creations". The moments when I'm painting or sewing, creating whatever, I forget about everything else and just leave myself in that moment of relax and inspiration; I could stay doing this for hours. This time I bring you another of my painted pieces; I love colouring garments and I still have a lot of ideas in mind that I would like to show you. Today's one is a simple idea with a result I've liked a lot. I see lots of possible and different looks with it.

Fold the t-shirt in half, so the triangle we are going to paint is symmetric. The first tape fragment is placed from the shoulder to below the chest, diagonally. If instead of transparent tape you've got masking tape, it is even better. 

Repeat the procedure with the other half T-shirt and unfold it. We have the tape triangle. Cut the card to the size of the t-shirt and place it inside; so when you are painting, the back of the t-shirt doesn't end up stained. 

Start doing short brush-strokes on the border created with the tape, in vertical direction, all the same way and size. Then, fill the rest of the shape with the same short vertical stains. 

Leave the paint dry for 30 minutes, remove the tape and iron the piece; the heat fixes the paint to the fabric and it doesn't go when washing. 

In next post I'll show it better to you. And the ones living in UK or Spain, stay tuned, because there's a surprise for you. :) Meanwhile, you can see more  DIY tutorials here.

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  • Lydia Lydia on Oct 01, 2021

    I will try this! I found a solid color top on sale and I bought it. I wore it several times and grew to like it even more! The next time I visited the store they had reduced the price to $2!

    I ENTHUSIASTICLY BOUGHT 4 MORE. The problem is, they are all the same color! I first thought of dying the extra shirts (or even tie-dying), or changing the neckline, or embroidering flowers, but I like this idea even better!!! Thank you!

  • Amber Amber on Oct 01, 2022

    Mixing the acrylic with medium lasts forever! Just fyi!! I used to make pageant dresses and I dyed fabric this way!