You’ve Never Seen a DIY No-Sew T-Shirt Like This Before

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30 Minutes

May the fourth be with you! In honor of Star Wars Day, I'm sharing a DIY no-sew t-shirt update that is simple to create, no experience required! Even if you're not a Star Wars fan, you can recreate this DIY no-sew t-shirt with any t-shirt you want. You don't need many materials either, just a t-shirt and a trusted pair of scissors.

Tools and materials:

  • Boxy t-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Pins
Make a DIY no-sew t-shirt

How to make a DIY no-sew t-shirt

Make your markings

Mark where you'd like your shirt to sit on your body. If you want it more as a crop top or want the t-shirt to sit snug around your waist, the choice is yours. Make this mark, as shown with either a pin or chalk mark. 

Easy DIY no-sew t-shirt

Fold your t-shirt in half so that the sides are centered. If your shirt has side seams, use them to line the shirt up evenly. (My shirt doesn't have side seams so I just eyeballed it)

DIY no-sew t-shirt tutorial

Don't cut the whole panel off because the shirt's front part will be longer than the back. Instead, measure 12cm from the front and make another mark; this will be where you stop cutting. 

No-sew t-shirt

Cut the shirt

Starting from the side mark, cut all the way across to the front mark. 

When you get to the second mark, turn your scissors and cut down at a slight angle down through the bottom hem.

Next, cut a few inches in and up from the bottom tailpiece until you get around 2-3 cm past the horizontal line. When you get to the point, end off in another curved shape, as shown. 

If you want, you can leave the tail's ends with a box-like shape. I'm not too fond of it, so I made a nice curve around the short ends, so it has a nice finished look. 

You now have perfect little ties in the front of your DIY no-sew t-shirt. So tie a little knot in front and look at the awesomeness! 

Modify the collar

Fold the shirt in half, and make sure to line everything up. In my case, I start cutting just above the "A" and cut up towards the neckline about 4 centimeters up. 

Then, under the seam of the neckline, I cut out the rest of the fabric. 

Basically, you should have a triangle shape under the center of your neckline. 

Cut the sleeves

Now, cut off the hem of the sleeves for a more deconstructed look. 

Optional - Add shoulder pads

If you want to fancy up your t-shirt even more, add a couple of shoulder pads with my easy tutorial here!

There you have it, my fellow refashionistas! A quick and easy no-sew t-shirt update that makes your outfits extra funky and unique!


Suggested materials:
  • T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Pins

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  • Stacy Stacy on Jun 09, 2021

    Looks okay for teenage girls!

    • It's great for any age that wants to make & wear it 😀 there's no age limit on creating your own style & feeling great in what we choose to wear is ageless too 😊

  • Amber Donahue Amber Donahue on Jun 09, 2021

    Nice ideas! I love to redo t-shirts. I’ve also learned to make my cuts curved. There are very few straight lines in a human form. I usually find that if I use a French curve ( sewing tool). I am happier with my results.