The Half-up Half-down Hairstyle That Will Give You THE MOST Volume

I love sharing hair hacks! I like to make hairstyles look easy but mostly I just like making my hair look good. This hack is actually a favorite because it adds so much volume and makes your hair look so much fuller.

You will need 2 rubber bands for this hack!

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Section off a top portion of hair and put it in a rubber band

Pull the rubber band lower on this ponytail

Loop the ponytail into itself creating this cool look

Now flip the ponytail over your head and grab a small section of hair right beneath your ponytail

Bring down the top ponytail

Pull the bottom ponytail on top of the top ponytail hiding the one underneath

Fluff up the top ponytail

Here's the finished look

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Find me on Instagram @jamielvandenberg

Find me on TikTok @jamielvandenberg

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