Need More Tips for False Lashes? Here Are All Your Questions Answered

by Jdee
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My recent tutorial on Applying, Removing & Reusing False Lashes for Beginners was a great start, but there’s more to know!

After I posted that tutorial, I got a lot of questions about using false eyelashes. So, I thought I would create this follow-up to answer them.

Here, I'll go over things I didn't cover in the first video, explain things in more detail, and answer some of the questions you had.

Tools and materials:

  • False eyelash kit
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Cotton swab
  • Tweezers
  • Small scissors
How to remove false eyelashes

1. Removing false eyelashes

Use your favorite eye makeup remover with a cotton swab to remove false eyelashes.

Gently rub the cotton swab, dipped in eye makeup remover, back and forth over the base of your false eyelashes. This will both loosen the eyelashes and clean them.

Tip: don’t try washing your eyelashes with water in the sink after you remove them, because they will lose their shape.

False lashes for beginners

Let the eye makeup remover sit for a minute or two and then gently start to pull the false eyelashes off your eyelids.

If the eyelashes don’t come off easily, don’t tug at them. Just apply another coat of eye makeup remover, wait, and try again.

Removing glue from false eyelashes

2. Removing glue from false eyelashes

After you have removed your eyelashes with eye makeup remover, let them sit overnight to completely dry before trying to remove the glue.

Hold your eyelashes on the lash part at the end you’re going to start removing glue from. With your other thumb and forefinger get a hold of the glue on the lashes band and start to draw it away from the lashes.

Peeling the glue off the band of the lashes

As you pull you will see the glue lifting and peeling away from the lash band.

Now, you can reuse those lashes again.

How to remove false lashes from the packaging

3. Removing new false eyelashes from the packaging

The first thing to consider before you remove your false eyelashes from the packaging is which end of the lashes you are going to cut if you have to trim them.

That is the end that you will hold onto when removing them from the packaging because if they tear when you remove them, that’s where they are most likely to tear. If you’re cutting off that end anyways, then it’s not a big deal.

Use tweezers or your fingernail to start lifting the end of the eyelashes from the packaging. Continue to lift and pry gently until the whole eyelash has been removed.

How to trim false eyelashes

4. Trimming false eyelashes

Typically, you will want longer lashes on the outside of your eye and shorter lashes on the inside corner.

Think about how long you want your lashes as well because that might determine where you want to cut.

Of course, if your new false eyelashes are replacing old ones, you can just use your old ones as your template for cutting the new ones!

How to prep eyelashes for application

5. Prepping false eyelashes for application

If you are applying a new pair of eyelashes, start by holding both ends with your thumb and forefingers and gently rolling the eyelashes back and forth to loosen the band and create a bit of a curve.

That will make the eyelashes curve to your eyelid and sit better.

How to put false lashes on for beginners

More tips for false lashes

Here’s a side view to show you how full and natural false eyelashes can look.

I hope this tutorial provides answers to some of the questions that I left out of my previous eyelash tutorial.

If you have more questions, or suggestions of your own, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

Suggested materials:
  • False eyelash kit
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Cotton swab
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  • Melodee Melodee on Jan 02, 2022

    I cant get my lashes to stick well. It's so difficult to put them on and when I think I have them on ....I find that the corners are not sticking or the middle pops up. Can you help me?

    • Jdee Jdee on Jan 03, 2022

      Hi! Have you tried letting the glue set up before using it? If not let it set up a few minutes before you attempt to put the glue on the lashes. If the glue is not set up they are hard to put on. If the corners are not sticking cut that corner off. I only wear lashes from about the middle of my eyes out. The corners bug me and can lift because of the shape of my eye. So I snip them off. Also you can work the lash back and forth between your fingers to help get that band flexable. I also suggest a lash with a thin band. The heavy bands are harder to stick and don't flex well. I hope that helps! My favorite lashes are from KoKo and I like the style Queen B. But I do cut them way down so I only wear about half a lash on each eye.