An Easy Summer Top All You Need is a Scarf and Bandeau

Claudya Moreira
by Claudya Moreira
2 Materials
2 Minutes

Follow along with this quick tutorial to learn how to make this easy summer top.

All you need is a scarf and a bandeau to create this one of a kind, backless scarf top.

Tools and materials:

  • Bandeau top
  • Scarf
Placing bandeau with scarf

1. Place your bandeau and scarf

Start by draping the scarf evenly on your neck and placing the bandeau in front of your chest.

To clarify, you shouldn’t wear the bandeau, just hold it in front of your chest so that your back remains bare.

2. Thread the scarf

Next, thread either side of the scarf through each side of the bandeau.

Threading scarf

Just like this.

Threading scarf

3. Tie the ends in the back

Pull the ends of the scarf so they are taut. 

Tying ends

Then, pull those ends to the back and tie them in a double knot against your lower back.

Tying ends

Here’s the final look from the back:

DIY scarf top

And here’s this unique, backless, scarf hack top from the front:

DIY scarf top

DIY scarf top

Make this gorgeous top with just a bandeau and scarf, using whatever patterns and textures you love. Then show us your results in the comments below!

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Suggested materials:
  • Bandeau top
  • Scarf

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  • Franka Franka on Aug 25, 2023

    Great idea! So simple. It takes your bandeau to another level. It looks lovely on you.