Turn an Old Maxi Dress to a Billowy Poncho Crop Top and a Skirt Set

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Today I have a simple DIY using an old boring dress to make a fun Poncho Crop Top with Bell Sleeves.

The first thing I did was hem the dress. The top part is now going to be the bottom as a skirt.

Next, I hem it by about 1/2 inch. Easy peasy the bottom is done. Now it's time to work on the poncho top.

Using the piece I cut off from the dress. I will use it to make the crop top. I place the side seams at the center. Then along the fold I will draft a loose fitting bodice.

Here is the measurement for the front bodice. If you like to make the top longer just increase the blouse length. I will use the this piece as a template for the back bodice.

Cut it out do not forget to add 1/2 inch seam allowances except along the fold.

I raised the back neck by about 1 1/2 inches. By the way the material of this dress is jersey knit.

Now I am going to make the bell sleeves by tracing the armcye like this. At this point there is no more measuring. I'm trying to work with the material that I have left.

I cut out two pieces for the sleeves, if the sleeves are a little too big along the armcye, you can easily trim it along the in seam. I ended up trimming 1/2 inch off. Remember it's better to have extra fabric than not having enough.

Now, it time to join the shoulder seams. Match the right sides of the fabrics.

I will join the sleeve. I match the center fold to the sleeve to the shoulder seam. Pin along the edge. Right sides of the fabrics are facing.

Sew along the edge following a 1/2 inch seam allowance just to be accurate.

It's time to close the side seams starting from the sleeve inseams down to the blouse seams.

Lastly, hem the neckline, I simply double roll hem it because the neck hole is big enough it does not have to stretch out. I simple use a straight stitch without stretching the fabric as I sew.

This is the poncho top mixed and matched with a solid pencil skirt.

This is the set worn together. You can also pair the skirt with a plain top. This simple DIY set can be styled in so many combinations.

For more easy and free step by step DIY clothes visit my Youtube channel Sew Aldo.

Suggested materials:
  • Old tube top maxi dress
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
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