WOW! Can't Believe She Did This With a Plain Black Tank!

2 Materials
10 Minutes

Here's a super-cool tank top hack to style your tank top for a hot summer.

Silky tank tops can quickly feel hot and sticky in summer. Backless tops feel so much better, but there's no need to buy a new one.

You need just 1 long piece of soft rope or cord. Don't use a rough string like sisal though, you want something that feels comfortable against your skin.

Tools and materials:

  • Camisole tank top
  • Length of rope or cord
Putting the ropes through the straps

1. Put the ropes through the straps

Put the front and back of your tank top together and thread a piece of rope through the straps so the long ends hang down.

Putting the rope over head

2. Put the rope over your head

Hold the tank top in front of your body. Place the loop of rope over your head behind your neck. Cross the ends behind your back.

Bringing the rope down the sides

3. Bring the rope down the sides

Bring the ends of the rope back to the front under your arms. Feed them down inside the tank top so they come out at the bottom of the side seams.

Tied ends

Take the ends to the back again and tie them in the small of your back.

Easy tank top hack

Easy tank top hack

And voila! You have a super-cute, backless, halter top to wear in the summertime.

You can wear this to the beach or to a club - it looks classy and cool.

Let me know if you'd like more hacks like this in the comments below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Camisole tank top
  • Length of rope or cord

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