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Meta title: Make Your Own Co-ord Lounge Set For Those Laid Back Days

Meta description: Looking for the perfect, matching co-ord set? This loungewear is sure going to make you want to stay at home and snuggle. Learn how to sew a co-ord set with this easy tutorial.

$40 - 3 hours - Medium

Feel like lounging around? This beautiful lounge co-ord set is the perfect fit for those laid-back days. I am going to show you how to sew a co-ord set with simple steps. Tailor-make your set by choosing your desired fabric and color, too. I love the feel of the fabric, I love how it sits so elegantly on my body and the care-free vibe that goes with this look as well. Let’s get the fabric and thread out and start sewing!

Tools and materials:


2 meters (78 inches) stretch jersey fabric

Lounge pants as reference

Long-sleeved top as reference



Sewing machine

Women’s co-ord set

Make the pants

Step 1- Make a pattern

Stick some paper together for the pattern. Next, take your pants that you will be using as your reference, and fold them in half, placing them flat on the paper. Here, I used wide-legged pants but the choice is really up to you. Follow the seams of your pants carefully, and remember to do so on both sides.

TIP- When tracing the pants, pull on the crotch seam so the curve is visible and correctly outlined. You may also have to fold the trousers again for the side seam, as these are not visible when the crotch seam stands out.

DIY co-ord set

Here are the two pieces I ended up with. The back piece has a protruding curve for the crotch area, while the front is more subtle.

How to sew a co-ord set

Step 2- Cut the pattern

Layout your fabric and weigh them down with some heavy items that you have around your house. Cut the pattern; adding a seam allowance, too.

Shorts co-ord set

You should have 4 pieces as shown.

Co-ord clothing set

Step 3- Assemble

Place one front piece onto one back piece, right sides together. Sew all along the sides.

Cute co-ord set

Place your two leg panels over each other, right sides together. Now, sew your crotch seams.

Sew the inner crotch seams

Turn your trousers around and sew both inner legs, right sides together.

Make a zigzag stitch

Also, finish the inseams with a zigzag stitch and overlock the waist section with a zigzag stitch.

Add the elastic

Step 4- Add the elastic

Place the elastic around your waist and cut accordingly. Sew both ends with a zigzag stitch. Place your elastic around the waist section and fold over the fabric. Once the fabric is folded and pinned, sew it all around with a straight, stretch stitch.

Long-sleeved top as reference

Matching top

Step 1- Make the pattern

As you can see, I used this long sleeve top as a reference. I love how it fits and so this is the pattern I’d like to recreate.

Trace the bodice

Trace one half of the back and one half of the front onto some paper. I adjusted my pattern slightly, as I wanted the long-sleeve to be a little shorter than my reference. When tracing the top parts, remember to trace until the armhole.

Trace the sleeves

Next, trace your sleeve onto paper. Follow the curved seams around the top so that you have the perfect pattern. Trace both sides of the sleeves.

Cut out the fabric

Step 2- Cut out the fabric

Place your patterns on your fabric, and cut with a slight seam allowance. For the bodice pieces, fold the patterns over to trace the neckline correctly.

Sew the side seams

Step 3- Start sewing

Take your bodice pieces, place them on top of each other and sew along the shoulder and side seams.

Sew the sleeves

Next, fold the sleeves over and sew them shut.

Attach the sleeves to bodice

Attach the sleeves to the bodice by turning the bodice inside out and pinning the sleeveless to the armholes. Start by attaching the side seam to the sleeve’s side seam. Of course, do the same to the other side, too.

Make a lettuce hem

Step 4- Make a lettuce hem

I decided not to fold over the fabric but create a lettuce hem instead. This is a super easy sewing machine hack. Simply, stitch as close to the edge as possible using a zigzag stitch and pull the other end of the fabric with force. I did this for all my raw edges, including my pants.

Fun and easy lettuce hem

This is what it looks like. Isn’t this a cute ruffle effect? Now you’ve learned a new type of hem!

Cute and easy co-ord set

Here’s the outcome. Doesn’t this look exquisite? The co-ord set just screams home, comfy, and relaxation! I know you will love this set, and I can’t wait for you to try this, you’ll thank me later.

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