Sew the Most Comfortable Loungewear Top, EVER!

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I love the feel of a loungewear top! It’s super comfy, not too big, and really just drapes over your body beautifully. In this tutorial, I will explain each step on how to sew a loungewear top. You are going to love this easy, beginner-friendly pattern. The pattern comes with a pair of shorts and a top, you can see my loungewear shorts tutorial here. To get this pattern, click here. Right, are you ready to make a loungewear top? I sure am!

Tools and materials:

  • The Lara Loungewear digital pattern - get it here
  • Stretch fabric
  • Pins
  • A stretch/ballpoint needle
  • Scissors (paper & fabric)
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Sewing machine
Sew a loungewear top

Prep your materials and cut out the fabric

Using the pattern that I linked above, cut the pattern on your choice of fabric. Make sure you have all your fabric pieces, together with your pins, sewing machine, and bias tape. 

Make a loungewear top

Attach the shoulder seams

Right sides together, pin the back and front sections at the shoulder seams.

Then, set your machine to a stretch stitch and stitch the shoulder seams together. 

How to sew a loungewear top

Attach the sleeves

Transfer the center marks from the sleeve’s pattern to the sleeve section. The head of the sleeves are identical on both sides, meaning, there’s no front or back notches. Fold your sleeve right sides together and pin the sleeve to the armhole section of your loungewear top. 

How to make a loungewear top

To do this correctly, match the center marks of the sleeve to the shoulder seams of the top section. Pin in place all around. Make sure to pin both sleeve sections before sewing them together. 

Basic loungewear top

Stitch the sleeves to the top section. 

Easy loungewear top

Pin the front and side sections

Go ahead and pin the front and side sections, right sides together. Stitch the front and back at the side seams. 

Loungewear top tutorial

Assemble and attach the neck band

Now that the loungewear top is almost complete, stitch the neck band right sides together at the raw edges. Next, fold the neck band right sides out and pin the edges together. Sew along the pinned edges; stitching as close as possible to the raw edges.

Loungewear top sewing tutorial

Divide the neckline and neck band into even quarter points. Do this by folding the sections evenly. For this, I am using pins to mark my quarter points. 

Match the quarter marks

Pin the neck band to the right side of the neckline of the top section and match the quarter marks. 

Sew the top edge

Sew the top edge of the neckband to the top section; stretching it easily as you sew. 

Press the hem and neckline

Press the neckline and hem

Once your neckline is stitched, press it. Also, fold your hemline by 3 ¼ of an inch and press it down.

Pin and sew

Pin and sew the hems

Pin and sew the hems of the top section of the sleeves and the bottom section of the top. 

Comfy loungewear top

So, you’re ready to lounge around? Because you have the perfect top to chill in. You can wear this loungewear top on a fun day out, or even to the beach. It’s light, it's comfy, and it’s fun! It’s just the perfect combination of a sleek and casual look. Now that you know how to make an easy loungewear top, what color will you choose? 

Suggested materials:
  • Pattern   (
  • Stretch fabric
  • Pins
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