No Pattern, Easy Sew, Velvet Bandeau Top

Christine Cha
by Christine Cha
3 Materials
40 Minutes

Bandeau tops are excellent for summer, they are cool to wear, versatile to style and even easier to sew! This post takes you through how I made a velvet crop top out of beautiful velvet fabric in less than 40 minutes.

To start, I measured the length and width of the velvet fabric needed to make this bandeau top based on my measurements. I marked a line with pins to show where I needed to cut. You can also use sewers chalk to make a line if you prefer, I decided to mark with pins because that is just how I do it. Make sure you leave a hemline on the width of the fabric that is four times the width of the elastic you are using, this will help to make sure your top doesn't end up too short in the end.

Then I took elastic, I used 3/4 inch elastic as per my preference, and I measured the length I needed for the top and bottom parts of the top. To get the appropriate length I stretched one piece where I wanted the top part to fit my torso, took note of the length and cut it. Then I did the same with another length of elastic but where I wanted the bottom to sit on my torso.

Next, I sewed each elastic onto the fabric, making sure to sew it to the wrong side of the velvet. I made sure to stretch the elastic as I sewed it on so it would stretch properly to my body when I put on the top.

For one side of the top I turned the elastic over and sewed it down to hide the elastic. I only did this to one side as I liked how the edges looked different (see below). You can sew both sides as pictured here if preferred. If you choose to sew both sides under or leave one raw, rushed hemline make sure you account for this in your hemline when cutting out the fabric to make sure it will fit you properly.

This photo shows how I left one side a raw edge hemline. I liked the contrast it added to the top.

The last step is to sew the two ends together.

There you have it, the finished bandeau top, all ready for casual and fancy summer outfits!

Suggested materials:
  • Velvet Fabric   (Fabricland)
  • Elastic   (Wal-Mart)
  • Thread   (Wal-Mart)

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