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Hello Upstyle!

There are lots of different ways to use baby oil. So many, I thought I'd share my 3 fave hacks I use personally.

Below is the baby oil.

1st hack:

I always need an old mascara brush, to tame my eyebrows.

Drop a couple of drops into the empty bottle.

Twist your brush around the mascara bottle and rinse with warm water.

Let it dry.

It will be very soft and clean, and your brush will be ready to tame your eyebrows or lashes.

I put baby oil on the brush and apply it to my eyebrows and it keeps them tame all day.

It's a cleanser for the brush and bottle and a tamer for eyebrows.

And that's how to clean a mascara brush to use as you wish

Next hack:

Make any hand cream extra special

I added 10 drops of baby oil and gave it a good shake.

And that's DONE!

It's very soft on the skin.

You can notice a difference.

Last but not least my fave of all.

Shaving is a must, armpits, legs bikini, etc..

I always use baby oil.

I will add some to a small bottle and keep it in the bathroom with my razor.

I will rub it onto my legs along with warm water and I use it like anyone would use shaving foam.

It leaves my legs, bikini and armpits very soft.

I never suffer from any irritation. Baby oil will always prevent this from happening because it allows the razor to glide over the skin smoothly.

Making shaving a lot more soother

I hope you try these simple hacks with baby oil.

These are the ones that work well for me, my eyebrows always look tamed.

Any hand cream can be made to be more oily and more appealing.

And your legs will look amazing

Which baby oil hack do you use? If any, as there are a lot.

I'd love to hear.

Thank you,


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  • Rebecca Rebecca on Sep 15, 2023

    The fragrance in baby oil gives me horrible exzema and contact dermatitis, and it stinks. Glad it works for you, but anyone with sensitive skin should be careful. It's mostly mineral oil. You don't need the fragrance. Especially near your eyes.

    • I do have senceative skin, it works for me, and especially around my eyes it works wonders to remove makeup.

      I don't like the smell of coffee. But. That's just me.

      Thank you for your opinion


  • Sharon Kazusky Sharon Kazusky on Sep 15, 2023

    I've been using baby oil on a cotton ball to remove my eye makeup and mascara since 10th grade. I'm 69 yrs old and everyone wants to know why I have no wrinkles lol.

    • Wow that's cool to know sharon.

      First hand experience speaks volumes.

      I will forever more remove my makeup with baby oil. I Hope at 69 I have no wrinkles.

      Thank you sharon kind regards