Fun and Easy DIY Geometric Resin Earrings Tutorial

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make resin earrings. UV resin earrings are so easy to make so let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Resin tape
  • Earring frames
  • Protective gear (gloves/respirator)
  • Mica powder
  • Resin
  • Glitter
  • Lighter
  • Mixing cups
Applying resin tape

1. Apply resin tape to the bezels

Apply resin tape behind both earring bezels. I recommend bending the tape over, so you have a place to put your fingers to hold it down.

Applying resin tape

Press down along the edge of the metal to make sure it’s completely stuck to the tape.

Since we’ll be pouring liquid, it will seep under the tape if it’s not completely stuck.

Protective gloves

2. Put on protective gear

Put on your gloves and respirator before working with any kind of resin!

Adding mica powder

3. Add mica powder to the cups

You don’t want UV resin to be too dark because it can take forever to dry, but also because the UV light won’t be able to penetrate and it won’t cure properly.

So, add only a little bit of purple. I add a lot more white to my second cup because white can be kind of transparent.

Pouring resin

4. Pour in the resin

Add resin to your cups. Make sure to squeeze it away from the powder first so it doesn’t scatter the powder. 


5. Mix

Mix the resin until it’s entirely incorporated. When you drip it, that’s the color you’ll get. If you need to add more color, you can do so. 

Adding resin to bezel

6. Place the resin in the bezel

Very carefully drip the colored resin into the triangles.

Spreading resin

7. Spread the resin to the edges

Use a toothpick or any tool you have to spread the resin so it touches every edge. Try not to get it over top of the bezel.

Applying heat

8. Apply heat to get rid of the bubbles

Bubbles are very visible after it dries under UV, but you can use heat to get rid of the bubbles.

You’ll be able to see them pop as you apply the heat.

Adding resin

9. Place regular resin into the bezel

Finish the mold by applying light dots of just resin into the rest of the triangles. Spread it out like in the previous steps.

Adding glitter

10. Add glitter

Spread tiny pieces of glitter into the clear resin. Make sure it’s easily dispersed.

Drying resin

11. Dry

Use a UV lamp to dry the earrings on both sides. A cool tip is to place a mirror under the earrings and it’ll dry much quicker.

Removing tape

12. Remove from the tape

Carefully peel off the tape from the earrings. You should be able to rub off any tape residue with your fingers.

Adding hook

13. Add the hook

Add the hook to the hole in the bezel and you’re done!

Adding hook

You can open and close it with round nose pliers.

DIY UV resin earrings

DIY UV resin earrings 

Here are the finished UV resin earrings! I made two pairs using this method.

For the second pair, I did without the clear resin and just left the triangles empty.

Let me know in the comments which version you prefer.

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Suggested materials:
  • Resin tape
  • Earring frames
  • Protective gear (gloves/respirator)
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