4 Classic, Feminine & Cute Christmas Outfits for Women

Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

Oh, deer! The Christmas season has officially begun, and it’s time to put together some cute Christmas outfits for women! Are you ready for some festive inspiration with some nice Christmas outfits?

Whether it’s a family together, a work event, or a girl’s night, I have some classic pieces for you that are guaranteed to bring in that stylish holiday joy!

Cute Christmas outfit with family tartan

Cute Christmas outfit 1

This outfit is the crème de la crème of classic and traditional Christmas outfits!

The main focal point is the beautiful tartan kilt. This kilt is super sentimental as my granny gave it to me and it uses our family's tartan. Green or red tartan print looks so gorgeous and screams “Christmas.” Of course, the family connection makes it feel even more Christmassy.

The blouse I chose has a lovely open neckline and really works well with the square kilt. I paired this outfit with black tights and shoes, giving the whole outfit an elegant vibe.

As for accessories, I wore a lovely black headband and a few pieces of jewelry. 

Cute Christmas outfit with Fair Isle print

Cute Christmas outfit 2

How stylish is this ensemble? It’s so put together; you really don't need to make much effort here. I’m wearing a matching dress and cardigan with awesome details such as the white, Fair Isle print, and frills.

As for shoes, I love pairing shorter dresses with over-the-knee boots. It’s also weather appropriate for those who live in the northern hemisphere. I think it gives off a fun twist to the whole look itself. Don’t you think? 

Classy, feminine, and cute Christmas outfit

Cute Christmas outfit 3

For those who love a pastel color palette, then this cute Christmas outfit is for you! Here, I am wearing this pastel, baby pink tartan kilt. I love this color as it’s super soft and feminine and gives off a Blair Waldorf NYC vibe.

I paired this skirt with a white blouse. As you can see, this is not your traditional plain white blouse, as it has an attractive black collar (which goes great with the kilt). Next, I wore very simple black ballet flats to not take away from the outfit’s focal point - the kilt.

Cute Christmas outfit with a cape

Also, if you have a lovely cape lying around, then this is the perfect outfit to pop your cape over for a warmer, luxurious touch. 

Classic and feminine Christmas outfit

Cute Christmas outfit 4

For those who want to deviate from the traditional cute Christmas outfits with knits and patterns, then this is a beautiful look, too. Here, I opted for a baby blue blouse, white culottes, and white strappy heels.

The culottes are super comfy and look fab on the body! The blouse is super unique and has a magical feel, thanks to its cape and open arm slots. 

Cute Christmas outfits for women

So, which of these cute Christmas outfits are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below! Have fun dressing this festive season and have yourself a magical Christmas! 

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