My Winter Lookbook: 7 Must-Have Items & 13 Stylish Ways to Wear Them

I love winter and when it comes to winter dressing, I want to make sure that I stay warm and look stylish at the same time. In this winter lookbook, I’m going to share some of my favorite winter outfit ideas and the fashion tips that I keep in mind when I put those outfits together.

Tailored trousers with a white turtleneck

1. Tailored pants

When looking for the perfect pair of tailored pants, I have a few fashion tips. Firstly, what are they made from? Is the fabric going to last?

Secondly, is the fit particularly on-trend right now, or is it a classic? In other words, will they last a long time in my wardrobe?

Finally, and most importantly, is it flattering on my shape? 

Wearing tailored pants with a knit sweater

If I answer yes to all of those questions, I’ll buy. This charcoal pair here are made from 100% wool and are slightly low-waisted.

They have the perfect amount of slouch to feel on-trend this winter but not taking it so far that I couldn’t imagine wearing them in, say, 10 years’ time. I love the gentle pleat down the leg.

Blazer outfit for winter

2. Blazers

My winter lookbook wouldn’t feel right without at least one beautiful blazer. A blazer outfit has become my go-to look this season; they are that one piece in my wardrobe that has that instant elevating effect. 

Adding a blazer to a comfy winter outfit

I could be working at home in my comfies and suddenly remember that I have to pop out. By adding a beautiful wool blazer over the top, I’ve turned a super chilled outfit into something a little more chic and sophisticated with very little effort. 

White turtleneck sweater for winter

3. Turtleneck sweaters

It’s a classic wardrobe essential for me that I reach for time and time again. This turtleneck right here is made from 100% cashmere. It’s very light and buttery soft, while still being ridiculously cozy.

Wearing loose and oversized knitwear

I tend to size up when it comes to gorgeous snuggly knitwear. I like the fit to feel loose and relaxed, and I’ll no doubt be layering at least a t-shirt underneath, so I want to make sure that there’s room to do so.

High-low winter look with slouchy jeans

4. Jeans

I think it’s fair to say that I am a big lover of jeans, and there’s no reason that those outfits can’t look chic and elevated too; it’s just a matter of how you style it that counts.

When I particularly want to feel a bit more polished, I’ll take a high-low approach with mine. These jeans are pretty slouchy and a little bit distressed, but the addition of the striped top adds a little bit of Parisian chic to it.

Layered with my blazer to finish, it gives a high to the jeans' low. 

Comfy and casual winter outfits

It doesn’t have to be a blazer either, just think about adding something more luxurious into the mix.

In this outfit, my jeans are still pretty slouchy and chilled, but the jumper with that lovely yarn and texture really stands out. The ballet flats give it a touch of cuteness at the same time.

How to choose shirts and blouses for winter

5. Shirt & blouses

I would advise having a good shop around for the highest quality shirts and blouses that you can find within budget. I generally size up when buying a beautiful shirt, unless it’s already listed as oversized.

I also try to look out for those small details that make a shirt or blouse feel that extra bit special. That could be down to the fabric content or something more visual, like covered buttons or a gentle gathered shoulder.

Camel toned outfit for fall and winter

6. Camel tones

Having some sort of camel tone in your wardrobe can be really helpful for your outfit ideas this winter. That shade just screams fall, it’s elegant, luxurious, and I honestly find it hard to resist.

If like me, the base of your wardrobe is quite neutral, camel tones will mix and match with pretty much everything. 

Contrasting tones in a winter outfit

Keep an eye out for beautiful knitwear in lovely shades of brown, and don’t worry if your shades don’t match perfectly; I actually think a few different tones give an outfit more depth and interest.

All-white outfit for winter

7. Winter whites

I do love a white winter outfit. Yes, you need to be careful around small children with sticky fingers or wet dogs, or just eating food for that matter. But the elegant, luxurious, and elevated outfits you can create with winter whites far exceed the downsides. 

How to style your winter lookbook

Simply add a beige or winter white coat over the top of an outfit, which will give a nod to the look. Or you can go head to toe with winter whites.

Winter lookbook

I hope you picked up some inspiration from these comfy and casual winter outfits that I’ve put together. While it can be fun to follow fashion trends, what you like and what you think suits you should come first when building your winter wardrobe.

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