Learn to Make Trendy Mom Jeans Out of Men’s Jeans

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I found a pair of jeans with the most amazing color and wash. The only problem was they were men’s jeans. Rather than give up on them, I decided to transform them into a fashion-forward pair of mom jeans which are so in right now! If you want to learn how to take a pair of jeans that are way too big and refashion them into a new, gorgeous closet favorite, this tutorial is definitely for you! Follow my step-by-step guide for all the ins and outs of this amazing upstyle.

Tools and materials:

  • Jeans
  • Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
DIY mom jeans

This pair of men’s jeans was just way too big for me. I knew I could refashion them into the perfect pair for me and I couldn’t wait to get started! 

DIY high waisted mom jeans
Measure the waistband

The first thing I did was try on the men’s jeans. I then pulled the side with the buttonhole until it was the perfect fit on my waist and pinned it to mark that point. Once the pin was in place, I used a pencil to mark the new fit. 

Mom jeans refashion
Pin the leg

I then rolled up the leg of the jeans and pinned along the side seam at the place where I would need to take the legs in. 

Mom jeans upcycle
Cut the legs

I used my scissors to cut off the bottom part of the legs. 

Draw a diagonal line
Take in the legs

I then drew a diagonal line from the bottom of the leg to the pocket and pinned along that line. 

Cut the excess fabric

I hopped on over to my sewing machine and sewed along my pinned line. I then cut off the excess fabric from the original legs. 

Mom jeans upcycle
Press the seams

Once I had my new side seams in place, I knew I needed to press them to get the denim sitting properly. I wanted these new jeans to have a professional, clean finish. 

Cut the crotch seam
Alter the waistline

Next, I cut open the seam at the crotch so that I could make the alterations to the waistline and get the perfect fit for my new, trendy jeans. 

Sew down the zipper

I opened up the zipper and sewed down the one side using the marking I had made earlier as a guide. While I was at the sewing machine I decided to hem the bottom of the pants as well. I couldn’t believe they were so close to being finished. 

High waist mom jeans
Hand sew a button

Finally, it was time to hand sew my new button. I stitched where the buttonhole would be and then cut it out. Next, I sewed a button onto the other side of the jeans. 

How to make mom jeans

I am so happy with the end results! These mom jeans are amazing. How would you style this pair? Let me know in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:

  • Jeans
  • Buttons
  • Scissors
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  • Etta
    on Nov 15, 2020

    I'm 78 years old. When I was a young teen, girl's jeans had side zippers. We all wanted front zippers! So ...we bought boys' jeans big enough to fit our hips...which made the wastebands too big. So then we sat in a tub of hot water to shrink the denim...and then we stood until they dried to shape.

    Done !

    Just thought you'd like to know.

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