How I Turned Regular Ball Cap Hats Into Minnie Mouse Eared Ones!

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Last month, my husband and I took a VERY last minute trip to Disney World! Literally we were in Florida and booked a 2 days stay for the same week! I shared all my cute outfits including the ones I wore last year when we went for a whole week. Other items I made that trip were Minnie Mouse eared hats! I had two different methods and they looked absolutely amazing for a fraction of the price that you would get in Disney World.

The first hat was a denim ball cap. I got denim fabric that matched and traced 4 circles using a Tupperware container for the ears.

In order to keep the ears from being too floppy, I cut a circle just a little smaller then the denim fabric our of plastic. You will need two of these. I used the lid from a yogurt container.

then I used stuffing to give them a poofy look!

I used a think needle and string because I wanted the distressed look and just loosely threaded the string into the denim around the plastic circle. Why when I was almost done, I used the stuffing and shoved it into the hole.

Once the circles were done, I sowed then on to the hat.

Here is the back of the hat. I found that the ears were too heavy and weren't sticking up like I wanted to so I rolled up two strips of scrap fabric and hot glued it to the back of the ears.

Then came adding the bow. I purchased of of those over sized Jojo Siwa bows from Target and clipped it to one of the ears and then added little stitches to have the bow lay how I wanted without shifting.

I got many complements for my one of a kind hat!

The next hat was a little easier. I got an animal print hat for Animal Kingdom and a cheap Mickey Mouse headband.

I just tore the ears off the head band and sowed them on to the hat form the back side!


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