3 Ways on How To Style a Vintage Red Top

When shopping for items versatility is number 1. I feel that if you cannot style an item more than 3 ways, you do not need it in your closet. So, every item that I purchase for my wardrobe I have a strategic method. Just like this vintage red top.

Thrifting is one of my hobbies and I found this gem in my local thrift store. It reminded me of the 90's and I had to purchase it. I knew I could "Style Up' this top in so many ways, and that Is what I would like to share with you today! Lets get into it!

Style 1

This first look is for my moms. A great on the go look to run errands and still be stylish. I paired this top with some thrifted mom jeans that I also found at my local thrift store. Thrifted mom jeans are my fav!

Style 1

To add some street style I paired the look with my Jordan One's. I love these sneakers because they are so versatile and can make any style look cool. I can show more versatile ways to wear them on another post.

And to keep it mom-ish I added a black tote bag to keep all the baby diapers, wipes and snacks. Definitely comes in handy when you do not want to carry a diaper bag. "Style Up" and keep it cute.

Style 2

The next way to style this thrifted red top is to tie it up in the front. This is a super cute way to style this top if you want to show a bit of your mid drift or stomach area. It is also a great way to show off your curves because it accentuates the waist area.

Style 2

I chose to style the top with some high waisted leggings to show more of my curves, and "Styled Up" using a chain belt. The chain belt matched perfectly to bring out the gold color in the top.

Style 3

The last way to style this top is turning it into a bandeau top. This is a very sexy way to show more skin, but still keep it classy depending on how you style it.

I chose to have fun with this look by adding a chain leopard print shoulder bag. Leopard print is a neutral color and can be paired with anything. So to pair this bag with this look was perfect because it brought the additional pop it needed.

Style 3

Because I am a mom and not too comfortable showing my stomach as of yet (6 pack coming soon lol) I chose to wear a high waisted skirt. High waisted skirts are another way to show off your curves and hide the mid section. You can still be sexy with class in a high waisted skirt.

I hope you enjoyed these 3 ways on how to style the vintage red top. Let me know which was your favorite way to style it. Until next time, "Style Up"!


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