How to Wear Thin Strap Tops Creatively

Summer calls for exposing more skin, but if you struggle with how to wear spaghetti straps and not show your bra, then here are some ways to get creative.

Here are the ideas I had for how to wear thin strap tops.

1-Wear it Under a Kimono or Other Top

2-Layered Over a Halftee

3-Use Clear Bra Straps

4-Wear a Bralette (with your normal bra, not instead)

And there's one more idea on my original blog post.

Wear it Under a Kimono or Other Top

I’m sure this is the way we are all comfortable wearing a spaghetti strap top…under something else. The advantage of the thin straps is they are cooler under the extra layer. The disadvantage is if it gets warm, you may not be comfortable taking off the outer layer.

Details of the Outfit

This outfit was worn for showcasing a kimono with all different length outfits. The kimono was from my Fashom box for our cruise last winter. I've wore it many times on a cruise and even as a swim suit cover up.

Insider tip: Online clothing boxes have MANY advantages for all of us. I hope you try it out at least once. I’ve discussed 3 different services I’ve used. The company Fashom, is risk free because you’re first styling fee is waived, and with my link, you get $20 to spend on any item you like.

Layered Over a Halftee

Of course you could certainly layer your thin strap top over any kind of t-shirt. This way adds coverage for modesty, yet keeps the focus on the cute top.

Details of the Outfit

This was one example in my post last week about the 5 ways to wear Halftees. Since I signed up to be an ambassador of the company, you can get 20% off with the code, JTOUCH20 . I can receive a small commission from your purchase if you go through my link, so thank you.

Insider tip: The advantage of the halftee is there is no extra bulk around your middle (and there is a band at the bottom so they don’t ride up) and so is slimming along with cooler. OR this would work for a crop top too.

Use Clear Bra Straps

Clear bra straps seemed to be a fashion trend many years ago, and luckily I still have many of them. Even if your bra didn’t come with clear straps, as long as the straps are removable, you can purchase the clear ones.

The advantage to these is how they really are invisible. The disadvantage is they don’t stretch as well as elastic.

Insider tip: Instead of wearing the clear straps over my shoulders, I elongated one of them as far as it would go, and used it around my neck for this style of top.

Wear a Bralette

Wearing a bralette OVER your normal bra can be a great way to camouflage your bra straps. Sure, you can wear just a bralette, but most of us need more support than bralettes can give us.

Therefore I will wear mine on top of my bra. It’s really NOT hotter this way because they are lightweight.

Insider tip: There are a couple of different kinds of bralettes that I discussed in the past.

How do you wear your spaghetti straps modestly??

Jodie Filogomo
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