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Hello everyone.

I learned this from my late,late grandmother.

Who told me back in her day cleanser, toners exfoliating cream were non existent. you made your own.

Homemade remedies that really worked.

So in this project I'm using very simple ingredients.

Milk & honey

Milk alone as meny benefits to our skin

Wow here's 12 reasons why to use ice cube milk

1=Helps skin keep hydrated.

2=Helps with fine lines and helps ageing 3kin. 👍

3=Shrinks pores.

4=Helps with acne.

4=keeps your skin tone very even!.

6=Brightens the skin.

7=Reduces puffy eyes and dark circles.

8=Reduces dark spots due to acne

9=Soothes inflammation.

10=increase blood circulation on the face.

11= It removes self tan from the face.

12=It also helps control the hormone called melanin which is responsible for our skin darkening.

(Hence why I mix it up with honey for the facial glow)

Adding honey, we all no honey is great for skin and hair.

Honey will add a natural radiant glow to our face and neak.

There is antioxidants in honey that will make this happen naturally.

Milk as lactic acid that helps remove all dead cells from face and neak.

Combination of both ingredients and being iced cubed will increase your natural radiant glow.

While improving radiance.

This is long..

But that's the facts.

Let's start by making them

Maybe you all will running to the fridge to grab the milk.😁💯

As you dont have to add honey,

Just milk alone as all them natural effects.

Grab a ice cube tray

Milk, honey, and jug to be more precise when pouring.

I used full fat milk.

Greek honey.

I never fill the tray to the top.

Just below the rim.

Dribble a little bit of honey over the top.

Then place into your freezer overnight.

They should look like below once frozen

The honey just freezes with the milk.

Place on a very clean kitchen towel and knock your ice cubes out

Placing them in a airtight container

Pop them back I to the freezer to keep fresh and very iced

Now below I use a little old jam jar.

You can add one cube if you dont want the ice effect on your face let it melt and moisturize it into your skin

Like below

Or for the full effects of the iced feeling on your face try the way I use myself

●I use one cube twice a week

Completely covering my face and neak untill the cube melts

● grab some cotton wool or a dry towel wrap around your neak to catch drips while it melts

● Leave to soak in for 30/40 mins.

●Rince with COLD water

●I always do this in the mornings.

I find it more effective, the lactic acid in milk helps remove dead skin cells, and the ice cube enhances your luminosity and glow,

The sensation of ice feels nice and refreshing on my face and neak, making my skin feel tighter.

If you suffer blemishes or acne use it every other night before bed.

It can also treat scars.

●Dont use it daily as it could irritate skin causing flakeiness.

And there we have the milk & honey ice cube face care.

It's a great alrounder for our skin.

Especially with the season changing.

Maybe this could half the products you use.

I thought I'd share how easy and just how milk alone can help improve our skin.

Hope this inspires more ppl to try iced therapy on there faces.

With Halloween coming up and face paints, milk can be used as a cleanser for makeup.

Thank you reading

Suggested materials:
  • Milk   (Asda)
  • Honey   (Asda)

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  • Jacqueline Jacqueline on Nov 14, 2022

    Good Afternoon Louise, hope you had a great weekend! I have another question about the iced cubed milk & honey: after rotating the ice cube on your face & neck is that when you keep it on your face & neck for 30 - 40 minutes? Today is my first day of doing this, and as thé milk & honey solution is adsorbing in my skin is it supposed to feel tight!! Thank you so much Jacqueline

  • Hello Jacqueline I'm ever so sorry for the late reply, I dont get notifications when I recive a comment.

    I rotate it untill its fully melted, letting it absorb face and neak for 30/40 mins

    If its feeling tight. That's sounding good :)

    It dose shrink pores, it sounds like you have made a good batch.

    The freezing technique as meny benefits for our face that alone will make skin tighter.

    Hope your still trying this? be grate to hear how your thoughts, after 7 days :)

    Keep safe and well Jacqueline

    Kind regards louise